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Joseph Mazza, Ed.D.

Nicole Mangiere
Asst. Principal

Seven Bridges Middle School is the newest school in Chappaqua.  It is a very beautiful and well equipped building, containing computer labs, SmartBoards in the classrooms, a Performing Arts Center, integral library media center, common areas for large group activities as well as ample art, technology, music and physical education facilities. 
In our school, every student thinks hard every day. Seven Bridges students practice creativity and are committed to learning and growth. They are good writers and speakers who express themselves well in many media. They persevere when things get tough, learning that struggle is part of the journey. They are open minded and at ease collaborating and cooperating with others. They respect each other and show empathy, volunteering to be leaders when they can be and followers when they should be. Students are aware that their actions make a difference in the Seven Bridges community and beyond.

Seven Bridges Middle School is committed to protecting an environment in which every student feels safe and free to learn. It is the shared responsibility of our faculty, administration, staff, students, and parents to behave respectfully to one another. We aim to give our students a growing range of tools they can use to solve social and academic challenges as they arise. Students and their parents should make the appropriate adults in the school aware of any uncomfortable situations which students cannot navigate for themselves.

When our school opened in 2003, the original student government (GO) wrote the following Preamble to the Seven Bridges’ Constitution: We the members of Seven Bridges Middle School, in order to form a better community, agree to be guided by the following principles: Everyone is entitled to a fun, safe, and well-taught learning environment; everyone has the right to share their opinions freely; everyone should respect other peoples’ and the school’s property; everyone is entitled to be respected for their differences; and all leaders should be responsible to put time and effort into all work. We welcome the efforts of this year’s GO to bring their own insights into this living document.