Canvas: Parent Instructions

Canvas Parent Observer Options: Canvas offers two methods for parents to observe their children’s progress in class. Parents can choose to set up the web app only or the web app and mobile app together.

  • The Web App is a Canvas website that you access using a browser on any internet enabled device. It is almost identical to what students see when they log in to Canvas and has full functionality.
  • The Mobile App is an app that you download and install on a mobile device. It provides a quick, but basic overview of student progress.

All parents should set up the web app first, before setting up the mobile app.


Web App Set Up

  1. Go to the Canvas Parent Login site.
    • Links can be found on the SB, BS and HG websites under the Instruction menu.

Picture of the Canvas log in page

DISTRICT EMPLOYEES: Please refer to your email notification for instructions or contact your lab aide

  1. Click on “Forgot Password” and enter your network ID. (This is your Infinite Campus Portal Log in username)
    • If you don’t have an Infinite Campus Portal Log in, please go to this webpage and click on Infinite Campus for more information. Complete this form to request an Infinite Campus Portal account.
  2. Check the email account that you use as your primary contact email in Infinite Campus.
  3. Use the link in the email to set a new password for your Canvas login.
    • Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email. If the email has not gone to your inbox or spam please contact your building lab aide
    • Note: This will not change your Infinite Campus password
  4. Use the Parent Canvas Parent Login to log into Canvas using your new password.
  5. Read the Q & A below for common questions parents have about using the Web App and for links to the instruction guide and additional help options.

Web App Questions & Answers

Q:  I’m getting email notifications from Canvas, how do I customize them or turn them off?

  1. Go to notifications: Use the Parent Canvas Parent Login to log into Canvas
    • Click on Account in the left hand navigation
    • Click on Notifications
  2. Turn off notifications
    • On the Notifications Page you will see a list of all of the events that might happen in a Canvas course on the left and options to receive or not receive notifications on the right.
    • To turn off email notifications, select X for all items
    • You don’t need to save your changes, they will be automatically changed when you make your selections
    • You can change your selections at any time in the future if you are getting too many notifications or you would like to get more notifications
  3. Customize notifications
    • If you would like to get email notifications when different events happen in Canvas courses you have three options
    • Select the check mark icon if you would like to get an email immediately each time this event occurs
    • Select if the clock icon you would like to get one email each day summarizing all of the events of this type that took place that day
    • Select the calendar icon if you would like to get one email each week summarizing all of the events of this type that took place that week

Q: How do I add multiple children to my Canvas Parent Observer account?
You should automatically see all of your children in Canvas if they are in grades 5-12. If you do not see a child that you should, please contact your building lab aide.

Q: How do I look at courses and grades for multiple children?

  • Courses: As a Parent Observer in Canvas you will see the content for all of your children in one place on the Dashboard when you log in. All you have to do to look at the content of the course is click on the name of the course.

    If you are having trouble differentiating the courses, you can color code them and add nicknames so you remember which course belongs to each child.
    • Click on the three dots to the right of the course name
    • Type in a nickname, typically including the name of your child (e.g. Math - John)
    • Select a color. A good strategy is to select one color for each child so you can quickly differentiate their courses in the dashboard.
  • Grades: To look at the grades for your children...
    • Click on the View Grades button on the bottom of the right column of the dashboard screen
    • You should see the current average of each course all of your children are taking. Use the Quarter pull-down menu to select a different quarter.
    • Click on the name of the course to see a full breakdown of the assignments that went into the average

Q: I see too many courses on my dashboard, how can I choose what shows on the dashboard?
As a Parent Observer,  you will always have access to all of the courses your students are in. To see the full list of all your child’s courses, click on the Courses link on the left hand navigation and select All Courses. On this page, you can also select certain courses to show up on your dashboard. If you click the star next to a course, it will show up on your dashboard as a favorite. Please note, that once you start using this feature, all unstarred courses will not show up on the dashboard. This may include future courses that your child is enrolled in. You can always add or remove any courses from your dashboard by clicking on the star next to them in the All Courses section.

Q: Where can I get help?


Mobile App Set Up

Note: Please make sure that you set up the web app before setting up the mobile app

  1. If you have never used the app, download it from the appropriate app store
    • Look up “Canvas Parent” and proceed to step 3
  2. If you are already using the Parent App, please log out of it
    • Click on the Gear icon (top right)
    • Click on Logout (bottom)
    • Click on Logout again when prompted
  3. Make sure that you have set up a new Parent Observer account using the instructions for the Web App
  4. Set up your parent account:
    • Open the Parent App
    • At the login screen click on “Log in with Canvas” (Do NOT use the homepage login)
      • Picture of the link to "Log in with Canvas"

    • In the search bar type “Chappaqua”
    • Select “Chappaqua Central School District Parent”
      • Make sure NOT to use the link for students called “Chappaqua Central School District”)
      • The log in page that you go to should say "Canvas" on it, NOT "Sign in to Chappaqua Central School District."  If you see the CCSD login page instead of the Canvas login page, please uninstall the app, reinstall it and then proceed with the remaining steps. There is a known issue with the iphone 6 that may require this re-installation.
      • Picture showing which link to click on to log in as a parent (the second one)

    • Type in your Network ID (the same as your Infinite Campus ID) and password (that you used in the web app)
      • Picture of the parent login page (includes a Canvas icon at the top)

    • Select “Stay Signed In”
    • Click “Log In”
    • You should be connected to your children's accounts automatically