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This site is for ordering as well as submissions.

Buy yearbooks, senior parent personal ads  and upload baby photos at the yearbook web site only. NO ORDERS or photos accepted at school.

YB App

Download the free app: herff jones eshare
Our school code is: Greeley.

Upload candid action photos of sports and clubs and activities from your phone directly to our publisher.

Due Dates

Senior baby photos due Dec. 4. ONE per senior please.

Senior parent personal ads due Dec. 4

Forms & Information

2019 Senior Blurb Directions

Directions for Senior Blurb
DUE November 9!!!!!!

If they are not saved by this day, there is no guarantee that they will appear in the yearbook. Please read these directions carefully.
Please remember you are contributing to a school publication that 700 people buy and hundreds more read including your friend’s parents and grandparents.

Use this opportunity to create something that you’re proud of.  Think about what you’re writing.

The No list:
1. No personal cuts on anyone.
2. No ethnic, racial or other slurs.
3. No abbreviations. Write it out.
4. No Unusual uppeR / LOwercasSE wRiting.
5. No references AT ALL to smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol or any illegal activities

If you include any of the above in your blurb it will be cut.

The Size:
1. One large photo will give you room for about 600 characters including spaces.
2. If your blurb is too long the bottom may be cut off! Don’t do that

How to Save:
1. Type your blurb in a Google Doc.
2. At the top, write your name EXACTLY how you’d like it to appear (i.e. Stephen Smith, Stevie Smith, Stephen A. Smith, Stephen Andrew Smith) WE WILL PRINT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WRITE.
3. Make your name 24 point font.
4. DO NOT format it into columns. Just type in paragraph form.
DO NOT add extra spaces.
5. Be absolutely sure that you like it.
6. Name the file:

  • Your last name, your first name, senior blurb
  • DON’T JUST NAME IT SENIOR BLURB! How will we know it’s yours? Make sure you name it the name we should use

7. Once you save it you cannot re-open and change it. What you wrote is what you get. Please be thoughtful. Think about thanking your family. : )
8. Please be on time to guarantee accurate placement in the yearbook.

Questions? Ask Hannah Bechtel or e-mail

2019 Parent Yearbook Information

Parent Yearbook Information

A yearbook is the permanent printed history of a special year in high school that will never be repeated.

Yearbook ordering may be done online at  Our school order code is 4506. Ordering starts NOW.
Order before December 1st for a discount! NO books may be pre-ordered at school. We sold out last year!

Yearbook Senior Parent Personals

You may order a full page, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 page in Black and White or in Color.

Go to the same site where you order yearbooks:
Our school code for orders and personals is #4506.
Easy to follow on-line directions will guide you through the process.


Parent personals may be ordered from now through Dec. 10th. Space is limited. We will place the personals in the order that they are received and cannot guarantee placement if received later than December 10th.
We sold out last year!

Senior Baby and Childhood Pictures

Senior Baby and Childhood Pictures must be submitted electronically. To submit a photo- Go to and log in using school code Greeley. Follow the easy on-line directions to submit one baby or elementary school age photo for your graduating senior. If you only have a hard copy of that perfect can simply take a photo of it with your digital camera or phone.
Photos may be submitted from now until Dec. 10th. There is no guarantee we can accept any late photos, so don't miss this deadline!
NO photos can be accepted at school. ONE photo each please.

Underclassmen Portraits

Underclassmen Portraits will be taken Sept. 12 and 13.
The make-up date is TBD.
Details for ordering copies are on the HG web site home page. Please encourage your child to have his free portrait taken for the yearbook. All students should be pictured in the yearbook! This is your only chance!

Senior Portraits

In keeping with the Greeley tradition Senior Portraits will be taken by members of the AP Photography class OR students have the option of submitting their own photograph by going to (school code 4506) and then following directions to upload their own image. If you do not have a portrait taken by a senior student- you MUST submit your own photo electronically OR you could have a free portrait taken by the school photographer on Sept. 12 or 13.


Picture Day Information

Yearbook Pictures at Horace Greeley H.S.
Grade 9 - Thursday, August 30th @ Orientation
Grades 10 & 11 - Wednesday, Sept. 12th & Thursday, Sept 13th
Auditorium (New location) - 8 am to 1:30 pm

Option #1: Pay by check or cash.........

  • Print the order form, include payment and have the student hand it to the photographer when they have their photo taken.

Option #2: Pay by credit card.......

  • Go to and click on the PREPAY Your Order button
  • Enter your school’s password: HGHS18 in the login box. You can view the packages offered and place your order using a credit card.
  • Print a copy of your order confirmation for the student to hand to the photographer.


To order click on this link or call 1-866-287-3096. NO orders are taken at school!

Yearbook Photo E-share
Use school code Greeley to upload baby photos, team photos and candid shots of Greeley life in action

Yearbook examples for staff only
examples of best yearbook ideas and pages for staff