Driver's Education

Maura Marcon, Director
238-7201 x2318

General Information

Fall, Spring & Summer Programs

At 16, a student can obtain a Learner’s Permit to drive with an adult, and then six months after obtaining the learner’s permit, driving a minimum of 50 supervised hours and taking a pre-license course or completing the first half of Driver Education, a student can take a road test in order to obtain a Junior License.  The Junior License allows the student to drive alone until 9:00pm.  When the student turns 18, a Senior License is obtained which allows the student to drive after 9:00pm.

In addition to providing the coursework and certificate required to schedule a road test, Driver Education provides valuable driving information, enables the family to receive insurance discounts and allows the student to accelerate the licensing process.  Once the course is completed, the student can apply for a Senior License at 17.  Specifically, the Driver Education Course consists of:

  • 24 hours of classroom instruction broken into 16 ninety-minute sessions; and
  • 24 hours of in-car instruction (6 driving and 18 observing) broken into 16 ninety-minute sessions.
  • The summer program meet five days per week for 6 weeks and typically starts the last week of June with a vacation day for July 4 (perfect attendance is required in order to receive a Certificate of Completion). Classes rotate between 90 minutes of classroom one day and 90 minutes of driving the next day. 
  • Driver Ed registration forms will be emailed to students and their parents via Infinite Campus late August for the fall program, early December for the spring program and late May for the summer program to all incoming seniors, juniors and eligible sophomores. Students must by 16 with a permit the Friday before the start of the program.

Student Absences for Fall and Spring Programs
The length of the course and attendance policy is determined by the New York State Education Department. Excessive absences will cause students to forfeit their certificate and fee. 

  • A maximum of two absences (2 lecture classes and 2 in-car session) are allowed and must be made up
  • All lecture absences to be made up must be scheduled with the lecture teacher and completed within 2 weeks of an absence
  • All driving absences must be scheduled for makeup with PAS Auto School by the end of the program in order to receive credit for the course

Early Dismissal, Vacation and Snow Closings

  • If school is canceled due to inclement weather, Driver Ed is canceled. (Driving school will arrange make-ups.) 
  • If snow starts in the afternoon, PAS Auto School will text students to let them know class is cancelled. (Driving School will arrange make-ups.) 
  • School closings are posted on the Horace Greeley website.
  • If school is closed for vacation, Driver Ed is canceled unless special arrangements are made with the instructor. 
  • On early dismissal days, classes meet at regular times.

Course Completion Certificates 

  • Prelicense Certification MV-278
    Students will receive their prelicensing certificate after the first half of classroom instruction and the midterm. Certificate is required to schedule road test.

  • Course Completion Certificate MV-285 
    Mailed home after class is completed if student has fulfilled all requirements.  All make-ups (in-class and in-car) are to be completed during the current program. Students may not cross into the next semester in order to finish lecture and/or in-car time.
  • Original certificate required to obtain senior license when 17 and for insurance benefits. Note: Please hold on to the certificate when it is mailed to you. If you lose the document, to issue a new one requires documentation for the state and can slow down obtaining a license.
    Questions about certificates, including duplicate issues, should be directed to 238-7201 ex 2318.

Fall 2019 Program

Information for the Fall program will be posted in mid-August of 2019.

NYS Driver's Manual

Click HERE do download the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's Manual. (PDF)

Driver Education Programs

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