World Languages

Department Chairperson:  Lauren Reisner
(914) 238-7201 Ext: 2615

Co: Nicole Diamente
(914) 238-7201 Ext: 2536


The study of a world language is an extremely important part of a high school education.  It provides a point of entry into ways of thinking and living different from those which the student already knows. It also develops communication skills which will be useful in whatever career the student may choose to pursue.  Student placement at the high school will be made in consideration of achievement and recommendation from the school the student previously attended, and students are encouraged to continue the study of their chosen language through their four years at Greeley.  Student placement may be re-evaluated, if needed.  Students also are encouraged to consider starting a second world language at some time during their high school career to give added strength to their program as well as to broaden their knowledge base.

World Languages Staff


Harrison, Helen
(914) 238-7201 x2143


Calhoun (Uguen), Benedicte
(914) 238-7201 x2639

Day, Michael
(914) 238-7201 x2532

Sitruk, Vania
(914) 238-7201 x2665


Darling (McCaw), Samantha
(914) 238-7202 x3543

Diamente, Nicole
(914) 238-7201 x2536

Mandarin (Chinese)

Chen, Yanxia (Ilsa)
(914) 238-7201 x2577

Kuo, Jennifer
(914) 238-7201 x2662


Ayala, Jacqueline
(914) 238-7201 x2508

Curtis, Donna
(914) 238-7201 x2531

Irizarry, Isabel
(914) 238-7201

McKenney, Steve
(914) 238-7201 x2596

Pallant, Jacqueline
(914) 238-7201 x2508

Pretill, Naicy
(914) 238-7201 x2508

Reisner, Lauren
(914) 238-7201 x2615

Sarris, James
(914) 238-7201 x2621

Sitruk, Vania
(914) 238-7201 x2665

Warren, Steven
(914) 238-7201 x2644



Please see the Decisions book to see the full diagram for World Language sequences