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Student Clubs

Learn about Greeley Clubs!

Academic Challenge
Students attend tournaments held on the weekends around the county. Questions range from all subjects, including math,  science, and history.

Alliance For Equality
Discussing issues and taking steps to make students feel welcome. Primarily focused on LGBTQ+ topics.

American Sign Language Club
We will teach American Sign Language and learn about deaf culture.

Beach and Ocean Protection
At the end of the year (around May) we take a trip to Edith G. Read Natural Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and clean up the beach there. We then spend a few hours at Rye Playland after. Leading up to the beach clean up, we hold different fundraising events and activities to help promote ocean protection. We also hold meetings to educate club members on ways they can get involved within our community to protect our oceans.

Building Planning Team
A combination of teachers, parents, and students who talk about new ideas and initiatives for the Greeley community.

Chappaqua Cares
We’re a club dedicated to helping out those in need, whether it’s local (food  shelters in Ossining) or far (hurricane victims in Puerto  Rico). Chappaqua is a very prosperous town with much to offer, so through the clubs members, we hope to help out this foundation (Chappaqua Cares) and provide for those in need through bake sales, clothing drives, book fairs, and so much more!

Chappaqua School Foundation Student Advisory Council
We analyze grants implemented by CSF Board through interviews with grant recipients and data analysis. Then we present our findings to the CSF Board biannually -- great club to learn hands-on skills in the business world.

Chess Club
We play chess and chess variations.

Chinese Culture Club
We meet to celebrate Chinese culture. In the past, we have made traditional paper lanterns and done calligraphy. We have also had chopstick lessons, tea tastings, and a dumpling party. Additionally, we watch cultural videos such as clips from MuLan and Wild China.

Computer Science Club
This club will teach beginners how to program and use data structures in their code, and advanced programmers will work on projects of the members choosing.

Cooking for a Cause
We are Cooking for a Cause. We volunteer our time and energy by helping out at the food bank, and organizing bake sales at school and athletic events so we can donate the proceeds to support people who need help in our community. Causes we donate our time and proceeds to include The Food Bank for Westchester, the Rogosin Institute for kidney transplants a dialysis treatments, and to help find a cure for Crohn’s Disease. We try our best to apply our passion for cooking, to something that benefits our society. To benefit our community, we feed hungry students with bake sales, and donate that money to the food bank, where we also volunteer our time to feed those who are deprived  and hungry. We believe in using food to bring people together and help those in need. This club has been at Greeley for 3+ years.

Creative Outlet
This club is a place where people can come to express themselves, in a judgement-free environment, through art in any form. The Creative Outlet is where students can de-stress by engaging in artistic expression in the form of writing, painting, drawing, or any other form you want.

Debate Team
Debate team is a club where debaters can improve their public speaking. During debate we compete in tournaments and research topics.

Design Thinking 4 Teens
A group focused on encouraging kids to be creative and come up with inventions to solve issues in the surrounding community.

Digital Art Club
We will go over the elements of art and apply them to digital art, go over the common aspects of a digital drawing/ editing program (IE. Photoshop, Sketchbook), and transfer concepts from traditional art into digital art concepts.

EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) Awareness
Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB, is a genetic connective tissue disorder without a treatment or cure. It affects only 25-30,000 people in the US, and lacks the resources and funding needed to find a cure. EB presents itself in individuals from birth, and it has devastating symptoms. The most prominent being that those affected have extremely fragile skin that  blisters and tears from contact as small as a touch. Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by the disease. EB is painful, debilitating, and is in some cases lethal before the age of 30. This club’s goal is to help ensure that all children affected can have hope to live past 30. We can achieve this goal by raising funds for the cause. Kids like Jackson Silver, who have been victims to this devastating condition, deserve to enjoy the simple things, like hugs, in life that many of us take for granted.

Engineering Club
Engineering club is dedicated to building, thinking, and creating using modern technology; such as 3D printers, CNC machines, 3D modeling programs, and Arduino. Our first project  this year will be designing and building a kinetic sculpture for the library.

Family Reach Foundation
Family Reach Foundation is an organization that provides financial aid to parents of children struggling with cancer. This club creates fundraisers and finds other creative ways to raise money for the organization. Our biggest project is the  color run hosted at Fox Lane each October. We work with the Family Reach clubs at Fox Lane and John Jay.

Fed Challenge Club
The Fed Challenge Club prepares for and competes in the High School Fed Challenge, which is a regional economics competition at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Film Critique Club
Together we will enjoy and critique films on form, meaning, and other aspects while also having fun to become better critics!

Friends of Fostercare
In this club, we have partnered with a non-profit called HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services (HSVS), in Brooklyn, NY, a facility that specializes in helping children and youth in foster care. Starting in the Spring, we would also visit HSVS every once in awhile (likely every 1-3 months or so),  and engage in volunteer work with the younger children at the HSVS community program, and to help kids closer to high school age and give them peer advice. With all the time during activity period during school, we would plan our next visit to HSVS, as well as plan fundraisers for HSVS, put together things such as gift baskets for the kids of HSVS, Skyping with the HSVS team and potentially some of the students in their programs (it would vary as  to the what is being done at that time and with each club period).

GIFT (Graph It Forward Today)
GIFT provides books and graphing calculators to underprivileged kids in Westchester County and New York City. We will be having book and calculator drives as well as fundraisers in order raise money. Also, there were will be opportunities  for students to tutor underprivileged students. Furthermore, as club we will be creating a fundraising website.

Girl Up
Girl Up is an organization run by the UN to provide education for girls in third world countries. By bringing Girl Up to Horace Greeley we hope to inspire women in our community to stand up and support girls around the world. By fundraising and participating in various events we strive to raise funds to benefit girls’ education on a global scale. All proceeds from our club-organized events will help fund education for girls 3rd world countries such as, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Malawi, among others.

Greeley Biology Club
The purpose of the Biology Club is to bring students who have a passion for biology together. We will encourage interest in biology by exploring  topics outside our regular curriculum, preparing for competitions, working on fun activities and labs, and possibly hosting guest speakers.

Greeley Invention Group
Our group focuses on industrial design and business. We try to brainstorm new inventions and ideas that could help the world, and make money.

Greeley Quaker
We make the yearbook throughout the year!

Habitat for Humanity
Build and renovate houses for underprivileged.

History Club

Horace Greeley Business Club
Coordinate annual Fun Ball Tournament that raises money for Greeley Scholarship Fund.

Horace Greeley Table Tennis Club
To learn and play the olympic sport of table tennis. Also, organize fundraising tournaments for various social causes.

Horace Greeley Ultimate Frisbee
We play Ultimate Frisbee in the main gym during every activity period.

Improv Club

Investment Club
The Investment Club is the club that competes in the Ithaca College High School Investment Competition, which is an competition where as a team we manage a mock stock portfolio. We have grown to one of the largest clubs on campus.

Make a Wish
Raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Math Club
During club meetings, we complete interesting problem sets and prepare for our monthly competitions.

Mental Wellness Club
The goal  of the Mental Wellness Club is to reduce stress and anxiety both within the club and throughout the school, and to raise awareness/reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Within our club, we hope to create our own supportive, accessible, and personable community. Outside of our club, we hope to spread love, benevolence, and happiness as much as we can. We are planning to have two major events this year: one around the time of midterms called Stress Less Week to reduce stress throughout the school, and one event sometime in  April (a panel of speakers to discuss mental illnesses).

Mock Trial
The mock trial team competes in the New York State Bar Association’s competition. Competitions take place at the Westchester County Court House. Last year  the team placed second in Westchester County!

Model Congress
The mission of Model Congress is to encourage students to learn about the legislative processes of the U.S. Congress. The Club provides a forum for students to draft and discuss legislation, and ultimately vote on bills. This year, we will attend conferences with other schools to apply our skills in competitions.

Model UN
Model UN is an academic club designed to engage students in current world politics and strengthen their public speaking and debate abilities. Students in the club will be participating in high school and college conferences, lasting from 1-3 days. In these conferences, they will be assigned a country and placed in a committee. From there, they will discuss and resolve the issue at hand in the perspective of their country.

Opera Club
Twice Annual visits to the Metropolitan Opera.

Operation Smile

P2P - Peer Tutoring Club
Provide one-on-one academic tutoring in all subjects.

Pediatric Cancer Foundation
We are a club to help raise money and awareness for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In the past, our club has been very successful in raising money through events such as bake sales, walk-a-thons. and many more events.

Photography Club
A fun relaxing place for photographers of all skill levels where students can learn to express themselves through a fun art form.

Red Cross Club

Relay For Life
Relay For Life is a community based event held in May by the American Cancer Society. The profits go to cancer research  and relief to patients. The club meets to organize and create an efficient and wonderful event.

Rowing Club
We row. Mostly on land, but possibly on the water too. If you’re looking to get fit, there’s no better exercise. Come on down. Join the crew.

Greeley’s environmental club, raises awareness around school and the community about prevalent issues.

SADD Students Against Destructive Decisions
We work towards raising awareness around personal health and safety including drug use, alcohol, stress and impaired  driving. To empower students, provide the tools to inspire positive action and build connections throughout the community.

Satori Art and Literature  
Satori is an Arts and Literature magazine that publishes student work.

Science Olympiad (SCIO)
Science Olympiad is an American team competition in which students compete in ‘events’ pertaining to various scientific disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Students work in partnerships on multiple events and then compete at the Hudson Valley  Regional Competition on February 10th. Based on our performance at that competition, we may be given the opportunity as a whole team to move on to the New York State Science Olympiad Competition. After the competition, we do a variety of community service events such as helping out with Middle School Science Olympiad, STEMFest, and Quizbowl (a school-wide Science Trivia Competition in June). Join SCIO!!

Scratch DJ Club
We provide music for school events and anything else for the district.

SHARE is a multi-pronged community service organization that aims to do community service in a wide variety of local outlets. Sub-branches of SHARE include Casa de Lengua, Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund, Blood Drive, Midnight Run, Boys and Girls Club, Veterans’ Alliance, Bunches of Lunches, and The Cottage School.

Spanish Club
A great way to practice your Spanish and enjoy Spanish culture!

SPCA/Animal Rights
We organize monthly fundraising events (walks, bake sales, carwash), and raise and donate funds to the Briarcliff, NY office of the SPCA. We organize and lead middle-school students in an after-school activity to create toys for shelter animals.
Sports Debate and Discussion
Do many different activities involving the world of sports.

STEAM Journal
The STEAM Journal is a writing focused, science, technology, engineering, art, and math oriented journal tasked with getting  students in the Greeley community actively involved and engaged in the world of the STEAM fields.

Student Government

The Advocate (formerly ADVO)
Writers, artists, editors, and photographers team up on this quarterly student-produced magazine founded in the 1980s. The Advocate team produces journalism ranging from news and opinion to  style and features.

The Breakfast Club
The breakfast club is a place that fosters inclusion. Every club meeting, students from all parts of Greeley get together for breakfast, music, and games.

The Creative Writing Club
The Creative Writing Club provides an environment for writers to meet, create, and share. We play writing games, provide prompts, and workshop our pieces. Additionally, we host guest author speakers and arrange field trips to Cedar Manor Nursing Home to share our writing with the senior residents.

The Equal Education in America Club
A club dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising for low-income school districts around the country. We have been part of many national campaigns, including the Read Across America movement and the Math For Kids campaign, helping to close the education gap nationwide!

The Greeley Tribune
The Tribune is Greeley’s full five-section newspaper, covering news, forum (opinion), spread, sports, and student life. Founded in 1931, it is also the school’s oldest student-run publication.

The Horace Greeley Literary Society
We discuss books, make book displays, eat food, and write and publish book reviews, which are displayed at the Horace Greeley Library and the Chappaqua Public Library.

The MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Club of HGHS
A club dedicated to volunteering,  fundraising, and advocating for Doctors Without Borders. Founded in 2014, The MSF club has been part of many campaigns that have had huge effects domestically and globally. Be a part of something bigger and join MSF today!

The Rant
Satirical publication that blends local and national news.

The Rock Climbing Club
The club will expand the climbing community and get more people involved in the sport we love. While doing this we will create an inclusive and energetic place where people come in order to connect with others involved in the sport, become educated and more knowledgeable about climbing and be  inspired to succeed as a climber.

The Technology Club
The purpose of the Technology Club is to further expose students to robotics and teach them the basic and fundamental skills that accompany work in this field.

Typography and Design
In Typography and Design, club members will create art using words. Newcomers will be taught the basics of typography, and possibly go more in depth with a specific style. Those who are more experienced can just create typography, design posters, etc.

Video Game Club
We are a club that is all inclusive where we play games and have some tournaments and other fun parties. We hope you  can  join  us.


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