Social Studies

Department Chairperson: Mary Devane
914 238 7201 x2535

Co-Chairperson: Sheila Jacob
(914) 238-7201 x2560


Social Studies draws its material from history, the social sciences, the humanities and science. The goal of the Horace Greeley Social Studies program is to educate students to become informed and involved citizens of our democratic society and to prepare students to identify, analyze and work to solve the problems that face our increasingly diverse nation and interdependent world.  Our program also seeks to teach skills essential to effective participation in the political and economic processes of our country including research, writing and speaking.

Social Studies Staff

Devane, Mary
(914) 238-7201 x2535

Diamente, Michael
(914) 238-7201 x2537

Hurgin, Jeanne
(914) 238-7201 x2559

Jacobs, Stacy
(914) 238-7201 x2533

Jacob, Sheila
(914) 238-7201 x2560

Jagels, Mark
(914) 238-7201 x2561

Mazzini Chin, Elizabeth
(914) 238-7201

McGaghran-Candela, Eileen
(914) 238-7201 x2593

McKie, Regina
(914) 238-7201 x2597

Montuori, Joseph
(914) 238-7201 x2603

Mosca, Suzanne
(914) 238-7201 x2606

Revel-Davis, Annie
(914) 238-7201 x2651

Tom Witmer
(914) 238-7201 x2614

Zambernardi, Robert
(914) 238-7201 x2649