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Science offerings at Greeley are intended to satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities.  The science department strongly encourages students to take 4 years of science.  Students are required to take a one credit course in 3 out of the 5 course categories offered.  The department encourages students to take at least one course in 4 out of the 5 categories of courses.

Science Staff

Science Research Program

These courses are open to students who have demonstrated outstanding ability and interest in science. They are taken in addition to the normal science sequences.

This highly selective program is offered to motivated sophomores possessing keen interest in science. Application for admission is made mid-way through the freshman year.  Students will learn a number of basic skills required to conduct science research.  Students will pursue a topic of interest, and focus on that topic during the first year.  The topics covered in the course include literary search techniques, oral and written presentation skills, problem-solving and experimental design.  Students will be prepared to pursue independent research should they choose to continue in the advanced science research program.  This course is optional and is taken in addition to the core science course in which students are enrolled.  Prerequisites:  3.5 in a freshman science course; 3.0 in English; 3.0 in Math Enriched Algebra, Enriched Geometry or Math 10 Honors.  Students will be required to submit an application which includes several essays.  Applications are available online on Greeley’s website.  Enrollment is limited to 15 students per section.

6070 SCIENCE RESEARCH  (1 credit)
(Prerequisites:  Introduction to Science Research, a summer assignment) This course is intended for students who have completed the Introduction to Science Research course.  It offers them the opportunity to work on an independent research project.  Students are encouraged to work with mentors from the scientific community and are supervised by Greeley faculty.  The intent is to prepare the students to design and implement an authentic scientific research project.  Scheduled group (three classes a cycle) and individual meetings (during the school day but outside of class time) are required.  Presentation of research will be required in poster format at the Horace Greeley High School Science Research Symposium in the spring. Students are required to work a minimum of three hours outside of scheduled class per week.

(Prerequisite:  Science Research.  Students must complete all data collection prior to enrollment.)  Students in this course have the opportunity to complete their research.  Students are required to submit their research papers and posters to local, regional, statewide and national competitions.  Attendance at these competitions (JSHS and WESEF) is mandatory.  A speaker presentation at the Horace Greeley High School Science Research Symposium in the spring is expected as well. Scheduled group (three classes a cycle) and individual meetings (during the school day but outside of class time) are required.  Students are required to work a minimum of three hours a week outside of class, with mentors and/or faculty advisors to complete their research and to prepare their project for presentation.

Course Offerings by Category

Science Course Offerings


Earth Science




Applied Sciences

Regents Earth Science

Regents Living Environment

Regents Chemistry A


AP Environmental Science

SUPA Earth Systems

AP Biology

Chemistry B

AP Physics 1

AP Psychology


AP Chemistry

AP Physics C

SUPA Forensics


Technology and Design Integration - Maker Space


Introduction to Engineering and Design (0.5 cr)


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