Department Chairperson: George Benack
(914) 238-7201 x2511

Co-Chairperson: Lisa Buitekant
(914) 238-7201 x2520

Math office: (914) 238-7201 x2517 or x2452


Students will participate in an appropriate math course based on teacher recommendation and the previous year’s performance.  Students may also choose computer science courses.  All movement among courses will require the recommendation of the high school math department.  Students new to the district will be placed based on consultation with their counselor and the math department chair, as well as on the results of a placement test administered by the Counseling Department.  All courses require the use of a graphing calculator.  A TI-84 Plus is strongly recommended.  Calculators that include algebra systems (such as the TI-89) are not permitted.

Math Staff

Abulencia, Lori
(914) 238-7201 x2502 

Benack, George
(914) 238-7201 x2511

Buitekant, Lisa
(914) 238-7201 x2520

Daly, Alicia
Typist (Math, English, Art& Life Skills)
(914) 238-7201 x2439 

Finnegan, Kathleen
(914) 238-7201 x2515

Korman, Tammy
(914) 238-7201 x2584

Gallinelli, Erica
(914) 238-7201 x2546

Howard, James
(914) 238-7201

Karlson, Kristine
(914) 238-7201 x2618

Kim, Kuihwa
(914) 238-7201 x2568

Plate, Kaitlyn
(914) 238-7201 x2513

Shelzi, Andrea
(914) 238-7201 x2628

Watson, Beth
(914) 238-7201 x2645

Weisz, Eszter
(914) 238-7201 x2506

Wong, Glenn
(914) 238-7201 x2648

Wrenn, Jessica
(914) 238-7201 x2510

Math Contests

Check here periodically for new Math contests that you can participate in.

NYML: New York Math League
for the 2017-2018 School Year
Meet in K110 at 2:45 to participate on the following days. 

Tues. Oct 24th
Tues. Nov. 14th
Tues. Dec. 19th
Tues. Jan 16th
Thurs. Feb. 15th
Tues. March 20th

We hope to see you there!!