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P:(914) 238 7201 (#3 for Counseling)
F: (914) 238-6652

Department Chairperson: Rebecca Mullen
(914) 238 7201 (#3 for Counseling)


2019 School Profile

Course Selection 2018-2019

(Additional information can be found in January Guide Lines)

Jan. 31st:          9/10 Groups begin meeting (Students should see their second semester schedules for the date and time of their group).

Feb. 7th:          Students can view their teacher recommendations and have access to input their course requests into the Infinite Campus Portal.

Feb. 8th-16th: Counselors will be available in the Upper L Computer Lab to help all students enter their course requests into the Portal.

Feb. 21st:          The last day that students can enter courses requests into Infinite Campus. Students will be locked out of the portal after this date.


2018-2019 Decisions Book

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Student Forms

Students: Please find these forms in Canvas in the Student Life course



Below please find a list of commonly asked questions and their answers:

Who should I contact if my son or daughter needs a copy of their transcript sent to a college or summer program?
If you would like to have your transcript sent to any colleges please follow the directions for requesting your transcript under "Naviance Student." If you would like your transcript sent to any other program/schools please contact Mrs. Campana, the registrar, at either or 238-7201 x3.

If I have a question about my child’s attendance who should I call?
Ms. LoBreglio works in the attendance office and her phone number is 238-7201 x2131. Also, your child’s Assistant Principal is in charge of overseeing their attendance.

My child will not be in school today because they are sick. How will they get their homework assignments and find out what they missed in class?
If your son or daughter is out sick and misses a day or two of school, please have them check the Canvas to update them on what was missed in class. They can also call a classmate or e-mail the teacher directly. Students that will miss more than three days of school in a row should contact their counselor to make alternative arrangements.

My son or daughter wants to attend a college visit. Is this an excused absence?
College visits for juniors and seniors are excused absences as long as the number of visits does not exceed four days in a school year. If you do have one planned, you must call the attendance office to let them know that your son or daughter will not be in school that day. The student is responsible for making up all missed work.

I understand counselors meet with each student and their family. When do these meetings take place?
Counselors meet with their students and their parents/guardians once a year at the following times:

  • Freshmen: October & November
  • Sophomores: May & June
  • Juniors: February – April
  • Seniors: September & October

How do students meet with their counselors?
We encourage students to see their counselors throughout the school year. Students can schedule appointments during their free periods with the counseling department secretaries. Counselors monitor student progress and will also reach out to students at various times throughout the year.

I have questions about my son or daughter's most recent grade in a given class. Who should I call?
Encouraging your son or daughter to speak directly with their teacher about any questions or concerns they have is a great first step. By doing this, you are supporting your son or daughter's move toward self-advocacy.  If after they speak to the teacher you still have questions or concerns, please e-mail or call the teacher directly to speak with them. If you are concerned about issues in several different classes please call your son or daughter's counselor to share your concerns.

How are grades calculated?
Please click here for the Greeley grading system

When is my child’s GPA recalculated?
Grade point averages are recalculated once courses are completed at the end of the first semester and again when courses are completed in June.

What are the other supports at Greeley?
In addition to the 8 school counselors, the counseling department also includes 3 psychologists, a social worker and a student assistance counselor.




The Counselors will be running a drop-in College Application Clinic in the Counseling Office every Day 6 at 7:45am. All seniors are welcome to stop by and bring their college application related questions to work on with counselors. Below is the schedule for these meetings:

Friday, 9/14
Tuesday, 9/25
Wednesday, 10/3
Friday, 10/12
Tuesday, 10/23
Wednesday, 10/31
Friday, 11/9
Tuesday, 11/20
Friday, 11/30



In addition to the College Application Clinic, every Friday during the first quarter is dedicated to the support of seniors and the college application process. Seniors are able to drop in or schedule a meeting with their counselors at that time.


Students should request their teacher recommendations through Naviance. All other non-teacher recommendations for Common Application colleges can be requested via the Common Application under “MY COLLEGES,” then “RECOMENDERS AND FERPA” and finally “INVITE RECOMENDERS.” Non-Common App schools may have their own system for sending teacher recommendations listed on their websites.



Date of Entry: September, 2015
Counselor's Job Title: School Counselor
Counselor's Phone: 914-238-7201, x3
Counselor’s Fax #: 914-238-6652
CEEB Code: 331315


Class Rank Reporting: None
Graduating Class Size: 305
GPA Scale: 4

GPA Weighting: If you have taken an AP course at Greeley your GPA is weighted. If you have not taken an AP course at Greeley or are taking one for the first time as a senior, your GPA is unweighted. 

SUPA courses should be labeled as DUAL ENROLLMENT on the drop down menu
Chemistry A should be labeled as ACCELERATED on the drop down menu
Enriched math courses should be labeled ENRICHED courses on the drop down menu
Math 9 and Math 10 should be labeled as HONORS courses on the drop down menu
Advanced Topics in College Mathematics should be labeled as HONORS on the drop down menu
Accelerated Spanish and Accelerated French should be labeled as ACCELERATED courses on the drop down menu
AP courses should be labeled as ADVANCED PLACEMENT on the drop down menu
Other courses can be listed as REGULAR/STANDARD on the drop down menu

Common Application Registration and Naviance Student Account Matching



Junior Night Meeting Presentation

On Thursday, November 1st the Counseling Department hosted an evening meeting for Junior Parents regarding the College and Post-Secondary Planning Process. Debra E. Johns, Associate Director of Admissions at Yale University was our special guest speaker. Please click on the following link to hear her remarks:


Contact Us

Horace Greeley High School
Counseling Department Contact Information

70 Roaring Brook Rd.
Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 238-7201, x3
Fax # (914) 238-6652

Clerical Support Staff

Carol Hughes:
Secretary to Tinuke Colpa, Patrick Dougherty and Bernadette Kenny, x 2134

Ann Marie Castro:
Secretary to Rebecca Mullen, John Brennan and Conor Lander, x2132

Therese Dellolio:
Secretary to John Dunphy, John Alkalay, Stephanie Lia, Patrick McAuliffe and Linda Ryan, x2138

Rita Campana:
Secretary to Susan Buchman, x2136

School Counselors

Rebecca Mullen:
Department Chairperson

Tinuke Colpa:
Department Co-Facilitator

John Brennan:

Susan Buchman:

Patrick Dougherty:

John Dunphy:

Bernadette Kenny

Conor Lander

Christine Petrillo: ON-LEAVE



Dr. John Alkalay:
School Psychologist

Dr. Stephanie Lia:
School Psychologist

Dr. Patrick McAuliffe:
School Psychologist

Linda Ryan
Social Worker

Carolyn D’Agostino:
Student Assistance Counselor

Coordinator of Student Life

Matthew Friedler

School Nurses

Kathy Brehm:

Cristina Ahern: