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Art Education



Art is basic to the development of a productive creative human being. The Chappaqua K-12 Art Department is committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment to explore and create.

We foster creativity, curiosity, hands-on problem solving, visual literacy, personal expression and a reflection on an individual relationship to the world.  Critical thinking, collaboration and communication are cultivated. Aesthetic experience and connections deepen understanding of past and present cultures, and help us imagine and create the future.


The focus for the K-12 Art Department is the creative process.

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You are cordially invited to the Young Artist’s Exhibition at the Katonah Museum.

The Opening is Sunday, February 10th from 3-5pm with music, food and wonderful art for the whole family. The show runs until March.

The following students are representing Horace Greeley High School:

Katherine Du
Lucy Hafitz
Sarah Kugelmas
Sydney Ludl
Reed Putnam
Jordan Rattner
Hannah Rosenberg
Lucy Schwartzreich
Moira Semel
Riley Stauss
Linda Zhang

AP Applications 2017-2018

3D AP Application 2017-2018

The 3-D AP is a rigorous year long course that requires a commitment to art and design and the ability to work independently. Students must be able to commit to some outside work.

 All AP students will be required to complete an independent summer assignment which includes a sculpting project and a gallery or museum visit.

Please submit a short typed statement about your interest in the 3-D AP along with a digital portfolio of 3 to 6 projects. These projects could be sculpture, 3-D design, or highly developed concept drawings.

Submit your portfolio and written statement to by Friday February 9th at 2:35pm.

All materials will be reviewed by the art department faculty

2D AP Application 2017-2018


This class takes all of the photographs for the yearbook AND submits a 2D AP portfolio.  Please think carefully before applying to this class. It involves multiple assignments at the same time, tight deadlines and can be very stressful.  You need to be able to work with many students that you may not know, be willing and able to attend and photograph school events as well as talk to adults. You need to be proficient with Lightroom and Photoshop.  You need to have and know how to use a digital SLR.  These are some of the required assignments.


The AP portfolio due in May 2019 will include:

  • Breadth - which is a broad variety of work including manipulated and abstract images
  • Concentration- which is a self-directed thematic conceptual series.

Required yearbook photos throughout the 2018-19 year will include:

  • organizing and photographing 12-16 senior portraits
  • photographing one department of teachers
  • attending and photographing 3-4 sports or performing arts or other events afterschool and on weekends
  • You will be expected to photograph extensively outside of class.

Pre-requisites that need to be completed by the end of Junior year:

  • Digital Photography 1, Digital Photography 2, Digital Photography 3 and  
  • One of the following classes- Digital Photography 4, Black/White film, 1 or Digital Art  
  • Demonstrated ability to work with both adults and other students
  • Demonstrated ability to manage time and multiple assignments
  • A positive attitude is critical


Application: Submit a single Google doc OR slide presentation that includes all of the following. SHARE the doc or slide show with

Include the following 8 parts in the order listed below.


  • List all of your Greeley Photography courses and teachers.
  • Optional: Describe any significant photo experience you’ve had or class you’ve taken outside of school that you want us to know about.  If you love photography, let us know.

Create a “senior portrait” for a GREELEY student.  The photos should be taken outdoors if possible with natural, even light.  Do not have extraneous or distracting backgrounds. Use sufficient light.      

  • Embed a contact sheet of exactly 20 (use the 4x5 template) DIFFERENT images.  The contact sheet must be primarily vertical AND show varied perspectives, points of view, locations, angles, scale/proportions and formats.  No repeats.
  • Embed the most flattering final print right next to the contact sheet.

 SLIDE 3.              

Create a documentary photo of a school event. For example, a sporting event, a theater rehearsal, a concert, a peer group activity, an assembly or even an exciting lab or class…. The intention is to document what is going on, capture action, while keeping aesthetics in mind.

  • Embed a contact sheet with exactly 20 images (4x5) that show MANY varied actions as well as varied perspectives, points of view, angles, scale/proportions and formats.  
  • Embed a final image that captures the action most successfully.  Place this right next to the contact sheet.  


Choose a theme of your choice.  This can be any class project or something you created yourself.  It needs to be CREATIVE!

  • Embed one contact sheet of exactly 20 images (4x5) for the theme. The contact sheet needs to show MANY varied perspectives, points of view, angles, scale/proportions and formats. Please include the title of the assignment.
  • Choose ONE most successful final image and embed it next to the contact sheet. DO NOT submit pet photos, postcards or silhouettes please.


  • EMBED 1 or 2  pieces that exemplify your Photoshop skills.   Be as creative and engaging as you can.


  • EMBED a “self-portrait” OR  a “mysterious series”.


  • Include 3 – 5 more photos that exemplify your most successful compositions and concepts. DO NOT submit pet photos, postcard style travel photos or silhouettes please.


AP Drawing Application

AP Drawing is a rigorous year long course that requires a commitment to art and the capacity to work independently.  Students must be able to commit to a minimum of five hours of work per week outside of class.

All AP Drawing students will be required to complete independent summer assignments which will include drawing, painting, reading, writing and gallery visits. 

Please share your completed application and digital portfolio in google docs at including the items listed below (in order)

This is due on Friday, February 9th by the end of the school day or SOONER

 (Be on time … a late application is NOT a good way to start)

 1. Why are you applying for this class?
What will you bring to the class? What do you expect from the class?

2. What drawing experience do you have?
List all classes/teachers you have worked with at Greeley. Describe any after school, weekend or summer art workshops/courses you’ve already taken as well as any plans for this summer.

3. Half of the AP art portfolio consists of a thematic concentration of your own choosing. At this point, what are some of your artistic interests and passions in media, style, content and/or subject matter? 

4. List your sports, activities, work and other time commitments. Give seasons if applicable.
This is informational only and not judgmental.

Required Projects for AP Application

Portfolio must include:

  • Literal (fully developed) self-portrait or portrait with a clear/evident light source

  • Figure in an environment from a unique perspective and/or Hands & Feet composition

  • Academic still-life (vantage point and/or approach should be skewed/varied)

  • Non-literal or symbolic self-portrait or portrait from an unusual vantage point

  • Descriptive word illustrated (in journal)

  • An independent piece of art investigating your voice, imagination, originality and invention (mixed media) (could be a journal entry)


  • Any other journal entries that clearly exhibit sustained explorations/investigations (ranges of personal intentions)

  • PLUS INDEPENDENT DRAWINGS/PAINTINGS (this could come from outside courses or investigations of personal concepts/themes)

Each student must hand in at least 6 portfolio (high quality) pieces … a “suggested” journal that explores innovative thinking, and INDEPENDENT work (outside of class).

ALL work should demonstrate technical competence and skill with drawing materials and varied media (consider engaging space, layering, combines, surface manipulation and varied approaches to creating art).

ALL work should exhibit confidence (evocative), and engage the viewer (dynamic) … it should be personal.

Your portfolio will be reviewed and assessed by the art department