Miles Chair speaker empowers students to take action

In 1998, Jim was a soccer coach with the St. John's University Red Storm, the Men's NCAA Division I National Champions. He was forced to resign from his job because he refused to wear and promote Nike's products as part of the school's $3.5 million dollar endorsement deal with the sportswear giant.  Since then, Jim has made ending sweatshop labor his life mission.

During his visit, Jim showed his award-winning short film, "Nike Sweatshops: Behind The Swoosh," which, along with his personal stories of living with factory workers in Indonesia, provided a provocative analysis and clear direction on how to get involved in the fight to stop sweatshops.

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An "upstander" is defined as someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When someone stands up for what is right and does their best to help support and protect someone who is hurt, they are socially responsible.

Students will choose a modern-day company and research its record on working conditions and workers' rights. Along with writing letters to the company's CEO and starting online petitions, students also will create informational posters with their findings and include suggestions for what can be done to facilitate change.  Students will then present their work and educate their peers during lunch periods so that more people are empowered and take action.

Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh

History of the Miles Chair Program
Bringing guest speakers to Greeley to enhance the Educational experience. 

For thirty-four years, the Horace Greeley High School community has benefited from the existence of the Miles Chair Program. Dr. Donald Miles was the principal of Horace Greeley from 1950-69, and during those years he advanced the school forward both physically and educationally. 
In 1957, the new campus opened and the high school moved from what is now the Bell School to its current location. Along with the leadership of the Superintendent Douglas G. Grafflin, Dr. Miles took Greeley from a conservative, semi-rural community school into the front ranks of the elite suburban college preparatory high schools. Using the finest New England prep schools as a model, he enriched Greeley’s academic programs and the pedagogy of its teachers.

Dr. Miles earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University and during World War II, because he was fluent in French, he parachuted into France behind German lines. A native of New Hampshire, Dr. Miles always modeled intelligence, thoughtfulness, and self-reliance. His concern for each and every student, faculty member, and family was legendary.

Upon his retirement, the PTA, under the leadership of the co-presidents Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuhn, established the Chair to honor Dr. Miles' inestimable contributions. Annually, the interest from the initial contributions is used to bring outstanding speakers to our campus from the worlds of the arts, humanities, politics, science, and sports.