Bell students have ideas worth spreading

To prepare, students first watched TEDTalks, which served as mentor texts, to better understand the structures that orators/writers use to frame their writing and articulate their thinking. Then, after determining which informational structure -- problem/solution, compare/contrast, chronological, etc. -- would best suit their subject matter, students began the developing their pieces while thinking about academic vocabulary, word choice, tone, and mood.

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The culmination of this informational writing unit helped launch the start of an economics unit based on the popular television show, "Shark Tank." This unit will involve individual tasks and true problem based learning components as students invent, interact, reflect and work cooperatively toward a common goal. Students will exchange ideas, attempt to actualize their concepts and rely on one another to create a product that will be pitched to an authentic audience of peers and adults in the hopes of obtaining an investment.

The TEDTalks enabled students to share their passions and interests and they are now in the process of networking with classmates to find shared connections in order to form their Shark Tank groups. Interdisciplinary learning experiences such as these, where inquiry and innovation are central, help our students develop the skills they need to be life ready!