Greeley-Yale Acapella Concert

On February 3, 2019, an acapella concert was held in the Performing Arts Center at Seven Bridges Middle School. This celebration of music was a collaboration between the Yale Westchester Alumni Association (YWAA) and Horace Greeley High School, with proceeds going to benefit Greeley’s clubs and events.

The songfest featured two Greeley acapella groups (Enchords, Quaker Notes) rendering creative and original vocal compositions and two acclaimed Yale University acapella groups (Spizzwinks(?), The New Blue). Each group performed familiar repertoire tunes, as well as their interpretations of popular songs.

After the intermission, Ms. Julia Rellou was recognized by the Greeley Student Teacher Administrative Council for her continued financial support of student clubs this academic year.

She addressed the audience on the pivotal role, significance, and lifetime positive ripple effects, clubs have on students. "Of all investments in our children's education I have witnessed and experienced as a school district parent over the past decade, this is one of the most promising and productive," Ms. Rellou said. "Active, dynamic student club participation and student leadership development are critical and must be inextricable components of every student’s high school experience. Student clubs are undeniably the precursor to professional, civic, and charitable involvement and contribution in college, career, and throughout life."

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(photo credit: YWAA)

Thank you to the 25 Yale students who took time away from their studies and traveled to Chappaqua on their own accord in support of Greeley. YWAA board members Munguia, Levine, Regina Possavino-Serai '01, and Dan Leonard '76 helped organize the event. Stacy Jacobs, Tom Witmer, and Priya Ma coordinated at Horace Greeley. 
(Photos: YWAA)

Enchords is a diverse group of boys and girls united by their musical talents. Their unique voices blend harmoniously in original song arrangements that showcase both soloists and the group as a whole.

The Quaker Notes is a dedicated ensemble of talented women joined together by a passion for music and an unwavering bond. They are a student-run group who value organization, dedication, and responsibility.

The Yale Spizzwinks(?) is America’s first underclassman acapella group. Since 1914, they have been entertaining audiences around the world with their unique blend of sweet harmony and tongue-in-cheek humor.

The New Blue was founded in 1969, the same year that Yale University first admitted undergraduate women, making it not only Yale’s oldest female acapella group but its oldest women’s organization of any kind.