Genius Hour

After reading the work of AJ Juliani, Mrs. Cohen tried Genius Hour for the first time four years ago when she was part of the District’s Advanced Technology Fellows program. After expressing interest in starting it in her classroom, then-principal, Jamie Edelman, and staff developer, Ellen Moskowitz, visited a school Greenwich, which was implementing a school-wide Genius Hour, to help launch it here in Chappaqua. 

Following the CCSD Design Process of Think | Make | Reflect, students can work individually or in small groups, on projects that interest them or they can create something that will solve a real-world problem.

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"Genius Hour is in addition to the regular curriculum," explained Mrs. Cohen. "Students do not miss anything, I just make time for it." She continued, "Students are studying exactly what they want to study and therefore motivation and engagement are greatly increased. There is no tuning out during Genius Hour."

At the end of Genius Hour, students are required to present their findings, and those presentations are student-driven as well. It could be in the form of a website, video, slideshow, or some other presentation.  

Presentation Guidelines
   • Tell us about your project.
         - What is it?
         - How does it work?

    • What research did you conduct before you started the project?
    • What steps did you take to complete the project?

Troubles and Successes
    • What have some of your troubles or obstacle been?
    • What successes have you seen?

    • What did you learn from completing this process?