Eagle Scout restores RBS Gazebo

In September 2018, Greeley senior Luke Chrzanowski was searching for a project to complete as part of his journey toward earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Luke said he was originally planning to take his endeavors to New Castle Town Hall, however, his scoutmaster told him of a potential project at one of the District’s elementary schools.

Over time, the gazebo at Roaring Brook Elementary School had become worn and weathered and this popular, outdoor learning space was in danger of  being torn down due to safety concerns.

“Having been a former student at Roaring Brook, I was actually surprised that the gazebo was even still standing,” Luke explained. “Even back in second grade, when Mr. Forsberg would take us outside for a book reading or whatever, the gazebo was already showing its age, becoming more and more rickety by the day.” Luke still had fond memories of his time spent at the gazebo, so he chose to take on the restoration project.

On arrival to inspect the gazebo, Luke found that there was a lot more work needed than originally thought. Not only did the roof and many of the crossbeams need to be replaced, but also all the side, structural components needed to be washed, sanded and painted.

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Not to be deterred, Luke was determined to restore the school gazebo to its former glory.

Special Thanks to the Roaring Brook PTA for supporting Luke during his quest to become an Eagle Scout.