BaseCamp 2019

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Spark Talk
Each presenter had just five minutes to share a short but powerful spark of their best thinking on a topic of their choosing.  Presenters followed each other in quick succession.  Spark sessions were a fast-paced, high-energy way for participants to learn from experts in their field.  Although many were enhanced by slides or multimedia, this was not required.  Attendees were able to participate as a member of the audience or as a presenter.

SparkTalk: Teacher

  • Deskless by Choice - Lessons from our deskless classroom
  • Modern Storytelling- Trifolds to TED Talks
  • Moving from React to Respond
  • Moving from Realistic to Real
  • Reflecting on Your Practices: Fewer Things, Better
  • Take a Meta Moment and Be Your Best Self

SparkTalk: Leader

  • “Most Teachers Like Slides - Not Skydiving!” - The Path to Personalized Learning
  • Developing the Connected Learner
  • Hacking Leadership: 5 Leadership Realities
  • Leading the Future of Instructional Technology
  • Lessons from Toto’s Africa
  • Presuming Competence - The Least Dangerous Assumption

PotLuck PD
Thes sessions were a fast-moving and high-energy opportunity for educators to share strong lesson ideas and learn from others.  Facilitators were stationed at tables and provided a 10-minute showcase of a lesson or unit.  They utilized resources, student work samples, and a device set up with a short presentation.  Participants chose which lesson to learn about during each round.

  • “What’s That Noise?: An Interactive, Collaborative, and very “STEAMY” Bulletin Board
  • BreakOut Edu (To the Other Side!): Opening Doors for Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Bubbleology: Where content learning, PBL and joy intersect
  • Deep “See” Fishing- For “deep” discussions that allow the teacher to include and see ALL students’ participation using Backchannel from Padlet.
  • Defining Innovation: A CS Approach to Design Thinking
  • Fostering student engagement, literacy skills and inquiry with NEWSELA
  • Math Running Record
  • Set Design Prototyping: Incorporating Math, Science, Art and @DoInkTweets
  • The “Why” behind regrouping
  • WODB? Interactive Math

Participants engaged in a fast-paced exploration of web tools that support individualized instruction, active learning, formative assessment, and creativity. Participants chose which apps they would explore as they selected a table during each rotation.

  • Adobe Spark
  • Classroom QR Codes
  • Edpuzzle
  • Lucid Charts
  • apps
  • Padlet
  • Screencastify
  • Seesaw
  • Twitterology - The Art & Science of a Tweet 

CrashCamp Sessions
“Crash camps” are improvised, often unplanned campsites that hikers use in a pinch.  Unlike more traditional P.D. sessions, which have set topics and “expert” presenters, CrashCamp sessions were created by the participants at the start of the event. There was no expert; just a facilitator who agreed to provide some basic structure to the round-table discussion.  The event relied on collaboration, connection, and group expertise.  Sessions were scheduled based on interest, and facilitators volunteered to lead the discussion.

  • Book Clubs, Podcasts, and More. . .
  • Flexible Learning Spaces - Walking Tour of some Innovative Greeley Learning Spaces
  • How & when do we use tech to enhance learning in K-1
  • ISTE 2019 reflection time
  • Should We Give Homework to Elementary Students?
  • Supercharge Your PLN - Connect and learn from others locally and globally - Meet and Greet & Conference Debrief
  • Want to write a book?  Learn from Published Author
  • What does Reading and Writing Workshop Look Like in Middle and High School?
  • What is the role of Social/Emotional Learning in a project-based learning environment?

Symposium Session
These sessions were prepared in advance and facilitated by someone who has a level of expertise in the given topic.  The facilitator served as the “teacher” and the participants were the “students.”  Interactive, student-centered sessions were encouraged.

  • Creating a Culture of Inclusivity, Empathy & Kindness with literature
  • Empowering our youngest learners
  • Ignite the student presentation: Ignite and TED Talks in 4th grade and beyond
  • Innovating Instruction with Microsoft Tools
  • Moving from Realistic to Real
  • OMGeo! Geo Tools for Every Classroom
  • Poetry Smackdown (Poetry explored in multimedia)
  • Question Formulation Technique - Get your students asking the right questions to fuel deep discussion, debate, and research
  • Self Care & Passion Planning - Life alignment for educators
  • Self-talk and SEL. Are you being good to yourself?
  • Starting with the Kids: Planning Teaching that Meet Kids’ Needs
  • STEAM & PBL - Prototyping Trebuchets with Design Process
  • The Karate Chop: Going Beyond Radical Candor - Tough conversations that get results!
  • The Mindfulness Advantage: A Roadmap to More Present & Attentive Students in Your Classroom

This was a quick-paced, high-energy,  fast-moving session in which participants volunteered to teach the group anything in just 5 minutes.

  • Iorad
  • StopMotion

Pop-up Session
These sessions simply sprang up throughout the day, generally inspired by another session where participants connected but needed a bit more time to continue their learning.  By listing these pop-up sessions, participants had an opportunity to mobilize groups and invite others to collaborate around the listed topic.

  • Come try the Oculus Quest! VR!
  • By design, other opportunities arose at a moment's notice and therefore could not be listed as part of the official agenda