Tri State Consortium Presentation and Report

About The Visit
During the process, the visiting team relied upon the following essential questions developed by the District to help frame the visit and to help elicit the team's best thinking about issues of teaching and learning here in the Chappaqua Central School District:

  • To what extent is our inclusive approach to special education having a positive impact on the academic and social/emotional learning of ALL students?
  • To what extent do general education and special education faculty share responsibility for the academic instruction and social integration of students with disabilities?
  • To what extent are instructional staff members prepared and supported to work with students of varying levels and abilities within our inclusive educational setting?
  • To what extent do the building based services and supports for struggling learners reinforce the inclusive practices of the district and ensure that all students have the supports necessary for academic success?

The team collected data and information to help us answer those questions through multiple means including classroom visits and interviews with groups of faculty members, administrators, Board of Education members, students and parents. They visited each school to gain an understanding of how we provide instruction and supports to all of our students.

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About The Tri-State Consortium
The Chappaqua Central School District is a long-time member of the Tri-State Consortium, which describes itself as "a dynamic learning organization of public school districts that values systems thinking as the foundation for continuous improvement. The Consortium assists its member districts, from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, in using quantitative and qualitative data to enhance student performance and to build a rigorous framework for planning, assessment, and systemic change."

Members of the Consortium receive an assessment visit by a team of critical friends every three years. The "critical friends" are educators from other Consortium school districts who have been trained in the model to evaluate and report on district programs. More information about the Consortium can be found on their website.