The belief is that by drawing from the magazine's extensive history of strong and imaginative work, current students have demonstrated the potential of Satori to support and represent the visual art and literary community at Greeley.

In preparing the "Best Of" issue, the job of the staff was to divide and explore the fifty years’ worth of magazines stored within the school library's archives. They wanted to encompass a variety of pieces, so they focused their efforts on one literary component and one visual component per year. In the magazine, you will find many gems, among which are old photos of life at Greeley, thought-provoking poetry and stories, and evocative visual compositions. They encountered so many treasures and in the end were disappointed they couldn't fit it all into the final compilation.

"Best Of" satori cover 1972-2015
(click on the image above to peruse the magazines 74 pages of art & literature)

As you read, be sure to check out "Boredom Lab" in the 70s for its unique storytelling methods. "The Tangent of 45 Degrees is One," in the 90s section, is also a highlight, with a strong voice and a mindset to which many people can surely relate. More recent pieces are impressive as well. Make sure to take a look at "Albino" in the 2000s section. The Satori staff hopes that, as you explore the magazine, you will find the same enjoyment in the stories, art, and poetry that they did and are able to identify your own favorites. 

Special thanks to all of the Satori Jurors for their hard work over many, many hours in reading, scanning, and designing this issue...a task of unwavering devotion and passion towards its completion.

Also, a massive thank you to advisors Ms. Keener (English) and Mr. Metzler (Arts & Humanities): without their dedication and organization, this issue would not be possible as they provided indispensable wisdom from their own experiences and ensured the magazine's publication. 

The Satori Jurors 
(Best of Satori 1972-2015)

Akanksha Basil
El Cetinski
Allison Chen
Elizabeth Chen
Cali Cuneo
Carly Gugick
Bennett Katz
Meredith Klepper
Kelly Liu
Olivia Mulch
Sophie Nadel
Sophia Pao
Zane Riemer
Olivia Serpico
Aditi Singh
Anabela Taveira
Lucy Ward
Linda Zhang

Kristie Keener (advisor)
Peter Metzler (advisor)