Class of 2021 - Annual Day of Giving

Participation during the Day of Giving was voluntary and there were approximately 60 students volunteering at four off-site locations, while approximately 75 students contributed at Greeley.

At Greeley, there was a coat drive, a soup drive, and opportunities to make cupcakes and cookies for the Cottage School; sophomores also had opportunities to make cards and candy packs for veterans.

Off campus, Greeley students volunteered their time at The Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester, Mt. Kisco Child Care Center, Westmoreland Sanctuary, and Habitat for Humanity.

Westmoreland Sanctuary - Students worked with the environmental specialists to learn about invasive species, then helped clean up vines and debris on the trails.

Mt. Kisco Child Care Center -  Students had a variety of things to do, including working with teachers in their pre-school classrooms, gardening, tidying up the sheds and closets, and organizing the art supplies.

Habitat for Humanity - Students worked on the build site at 300 King Street in Chappaqua.

Boys and Girls Club of Mt. Kisco - Students organized relay races and an obstacle course with preschool students, organized a game room and supply closet, cleared small rocks from some landscaping, and removed weeds and old mulch; they ended the day by spreading fresh mulch.

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What Are the Benefits of Community Service?

There are many benefits to participating in community service, and some of the most important include:

  1. Opportunity to help others: This is often the most important benefit of community service. Participation gives one the opportunity to know that they are improving someone's life and making their community better while getting to see the direct impact of the work.
  2.  Gain hands-on experience: One can learn a lot of skills while performing community service such as construction, painting, customer service, and medical skills. One can also feature the community service experience on their resume.
  3. Learn about different careers: A student can focus their community service in a field they may want to engage in after college. Some examples of this include volunteering at an animal shelter as part of considering a career as a veterinarian, working at a hospital if one wants to be a doctor, or volunteering in a museum if history is something a student wants to pursue. The experience gained from community service can help a student get an internship or job in the future, and it also gives students the opportunity to see how much they might enjoy a particular career.
  4. Personal growth: Doing community service has personal benefits as well. It often makes participants more organized, responsible, and compassionate, which are all good qualities to have, as well as qualities that both colleges and employers like to see in applicants.
  5. Gain new friends: A final benefit is that students can meet a lot of great people while doing community service. Community service is often done in groups, so it’s easy to make friends with the people in the various groups. Students may also become friends with the people they are helping, especially if they volunteer at the same place regularly.