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Fall 2019

Remaining Classes:

  • 11/4: Sizzling Pancake
  • 11/6: Dim Sum II
  • 11/6: Declutter and De-Stress the Simple Way
  • 11/7: Thanksgiving Sides
  • 11/13: Sichuan...Some Like It Hot!
  • 11/14: Herbal Remedies Workshop
  • 11/18: College: Create Beautiful, Unique Boxes (4 classes)
  • 11/21: Digital Photography: Common Mistakes and Lessons Learned
  • 11/25: Design A Winter Wreath

Art & Art Appreciation

brushes and colorful paint on a palette board

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Discover and practice painting techniques using versatile acrylic paints. The instructor guides you through color mixing, layering, and creating textures while reinforcing design and composition. Enjoy an evening of creative escape in this judgment-free zone. Paints and substrates provided. STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN PAINT BRUSHES.

6 Mondays • September 16 to November 4 (no class 9/30, 10/14) • 7-9pm HGHS, Art 1 • $120 ($10 materials fee collected in class)

The Baroque era of the 17th Century produced some of the most enduring art masterpieces of all time. This course focuses on some of the leading artists of that period including Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velasquez, Bernini and many others. The Baroque style varies tremendously according to country; we will examine the differences between French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish styles.

6 Tuesdays • September 17 to November 5 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, L-217 • $120

*NEW* COLLAGE: Create Beautiful, Unique Boxes with Katie Goldberg      
Students will learn and utilize various collage techniques to create beautiful, unique boxes that will hold secrets and memories. Students must bring a box with lid (shoe box, cigar box, wooden box, fiber board box, etc.). The instructor will provide all art materials, collage items, paints and embellishments. Students may create as many boxes as they choose over the 4 week session.

4 Mondays • November 18 to December 9 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Art 1 • $80 • ($10 materials fee collected in class)

DRAWING FROM NATURE: Flowers, Fields, Forms with Dr. Quincy Egginton
This class will focus on drawing from the natural world around us. Landscapes will be observed and simplified as shapes. Trees, rocks, and flowers will be studied individually. A variety of drawing media will be introduced including pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, and oil pastel. Lessons will focus on line, value, composition, perspective, and color. Demonstrations will suggest techniques and provide examples from famous artists in order to inspire creative expressions. All levels are welcome and exercises will help you to develop your drawing skills. Students are asked to bring a sketchbook, 14”-17” or larger. Basic materials will be provided.

8 Tuesdays • October 15 to December 3 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Art 1 • $180

This four-part series will spotlight The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and other smaller, lesser-known gems of the New York museum scene such as the Frick, the Brooklyn Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Neue Gallery and others.

3 Tuesdays • November 12 to November 26 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, L-217 • $65

WATERCOLOR PAINTING with Dr. Quincy Egginton
Explore the luminous and fluid watercolor medium. Classes will begin with discussions of how to observe the subject. Students will then draw from the still-life provided. Techniques and demonstrations will guide you from drawing to painting subjects and compositions. This class will encourage you to experiment and work spontaneously with the transparent paint process of watercolor. Drawing, color study and brush technique will direct your personal expression. Basic materials will be provided but those who have supplies are encouraged to bring their own. All levels of artistic skill are welcome.

8 Wednesdays • October 16 to December 11 (no class 11/27) • 7-9:30pm • HGHS, Art 1 • $200

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About the Instructors

SUE ALTMAN is a former high school art teacher who now teaches continuing education courses on art and art history at many venues including Westchester CC, The Learning Collaborative in Rockland County, and others. You can learn more about Suzanne at

DR. QUINCY EGGINTON received a B.F.A. in Illustration at Syracuse University and a doctorate in Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She has been on the faculty at Westchester Community College, Mercy College, and College of New Rochelle. Quincy actively participates and exhibits with the Northern Westchester Watercolor Society, the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association, the Putnam Arts Council, and the Northern Westchester Artists Guild. 

KATIE GOLDBERG is a classically trained fine artist residing in Mt. Kisco. She holds a B.F.A. from Alfred University and teaches mixed-media art classes throughout Westchester. She is an avid mah jongg player and an experienced instructor.

College Prep

Diverse kids on a college campus

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PSAT COURSE with WilsonPrep
This course preps students for the October PSAT and serves as an excellent introduction to the upcoming SAT. It can be a continuation from the summer Boot Camp or used as a beginner course. Since the ACT and SAT are closely aligned, much of the skills and strategies taught within this course will also prepare students for the ACT. WilsonPrep recommends this class be taken along with the October SAT Class.

5 Wednesdays • September 11 to October 16 (no class 10/9) • 6:30-8:30pm • HGHS, L-217 • $435 ($25 materials fee) *Limit 20*

ACT CLASS with WilsonPrep
This course preps students for the ACT. The course can be a continuation of the summer/fall course or a beginner course for students who have not yet begun the test prep process.

7 Tuesdays • October 29 to December 10 • 6:30-8:30pm • HGHS, D-2 • $500 ($25 materials fee) *Limit 20*

SAT PREP with WilsonPrep
This course can be used as a beginner course, but it is highly recommended that students take the PSAT class first.

6 Tuesdays • October 29 to December 3 • 6:30-8:30pm • HGHS, D-2 • $435 ($25 materials fee) *Limit 20*

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About the Instructor

WilsonPrep courses teach all the strategies and skills necessary for testing success. For the past 16 years, WilsonPrep tutors have been motivating students with their dynamic lessons and easy-to-remember, fun strategies. It is WilsonPrep’s passion to see students succeed. Students in all courses will receive weekly homework assignments, the WilsonPrep online prep program and opportunities to take practice exams under testing conditions at WilsonPrep.

**Exams are Saturdays and are not mandatory. WilsonPrep notifies parents if weekly assignments are not completed.**


Female chef in a designer kitchen cutting vegetables on a countertop.

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*NEW* CHINESE COOKING: Traditional to Family Style with Darryl Moy    
Master Chinese cooking techniques in this eight part series taught by a 4th-generation Chinese-American striving to bring authenticity and tradition back to the kitchen. Learn tips and secrets to prepare traditional dishes and short-cuts and to use in your kitchen, making Chinese cooking easy and fun.

    This class will cover how to prepare baked and steamed Chinese Roast Pork (Char Siu) and steamed Roast Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao).
         Thursday • October 3 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
    This class is an introduction to soy bean products beyond tofu including; bean curd sheet dumplings, vegetarian “fish” filet and fried tofu dumplings.
         Wednesday • October 16 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
    In this class you will learn how to transform hot water dough into Scallion Pancakes and Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao). 
         Thursday • October 24 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
    This class will cover how to prepare Hong Kong Pan-Fried Noodles and Garlic Noodles.
         Wednesday • October 30 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
  5. SOUP’S ON
    This class will cover how to prepare Wonton and Hot & Sour soup while exploring Chinese dried ingredients.
         Wednesday • November 6 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
    This class will cover how to prepare Dry Fried Sichuan Beef and Ma Po Tofu.
         Wednesday • November 13 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
  7. RED-COOKING AND MASTER SAUCE: Shanghai and Beyond 
    This class will cover how to prepare pork belly, chicken, beef, fish, and tofu.
         Thursday • December 5 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*
  8. THE ART OF STEAMING: Lighten up for the Holidays! 
    This class will cover how to prepare steamed eggs, fish, and more.
         Wednesday • December 11 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class)  *Limit 10*

Hu Tieu Nam Vang is a common Vietnamese street food noodle soup you’ll find at restaurants and along sidewalks throughout Saigon. In fact, Nam Vang is the Vietnamese word for the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Vietnamese people have embraced the recipe, it is highly regarded for its clear and soothing broth and dazzling array of herbs, aromatics and other garnishes as well as condiments.

Monday • September 23 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

Cà Ri Gà is the Vietnamese version of chicken curry. Tender chicken, yellow curry, lemongrass, garlic and onions all stewed with root vegetables in coconut milk. It’s hearty, incredibly aromatic and delicious!

Monday • October 21 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

*NEW* COOKING WITH SPICE: How to Use Spices for Health and Optimal Flavor with Monika Bhatt
Indulge your senses with exotic spices from around the world. Learning how to use spices is fundamental to healthy, flavorful cooking as well as being a superb way to add dimension to food without salt, calories or fat. You’ll cook (and eat!) a three-course meal that shows how the right spices can make even your regular dinner routine irresistible. The menu includes: a Cheese/Tofu Tikka appetizer, Aloo Matar (curried vegetable) as the main dish and Shahi Kheer (rice pudding) for dessert.

Tuesday • September 17 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 supply fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

*NEW* FALL SOUPS with Renana Shvil  
When cold weather comes along, a rich soup and a piece of delicious bread is all you need for dinner. Join Renana Shvil of Fiddleheads Cooking Studio and learn how to make three different soups from scratch. You will quickly incorporate them into your regular dinner rotations.

Thursday • October 17 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

*NEW* SIZZLING PANCAKE with Linh Hoang  
Bánh xèo, literally sizzling pancake, is named for the loud sizzling sound heard when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet. It is a Vietnamese savory fried pancake made of rice flour, water, and turmeric powder, coconut milk or beer. It can be stuffed with an assortment of fillings -- pork or shrimp, diced green onion, mung bean, bean sprouts, lettuce, Thai basil and mint.

Monday • November 4 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

*NEW* SUMMER ROLLS with Linh Hoang  
Vietnamese Summer Roll, or Goi Cuon, is a refreshing appetizer made up of shrimp, pork or egg, vermicelli noodles, basil, cilantro, lettuce, cucumber and pickled carrot rolled in rice paper. They are served at room temperature with a side of sweet and sour dipping sauce, Nuoc Cham. The sauce is the key to this delicious healthy dish!

Monday • October 7 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

While the turkey and potatoes may take center stage at your Thanksgiving feast, it’s the side dishes that often steal the show. Join Renana Shvil of Fiddleheads Cooking Studio to celebrate the abundance of fall vegetables and learn how to make side dishes that will complement your holiday dinner perfectly.

Thursday • November 7 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Cafeteria • $30 ($5 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

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About the Instructors

MONIKA BHATT was born and raised in India. She is a Vegan/Vegetarian and a gluten-free foodie who follows an Ayurveda diet and mindful lifestyle.

LINH HOANG is a founding partner of VNFOODTOGO. Specializing in traditional Vietnamese Pho (beef noodle soup), spring rolls, summer rolls, fried rice, Bun Cha (roast pork and noodles), and Bun Chay (vegetarian noodles). Dishes can be purchased at the Chappaqua, Hastings, Bronxville, Irvington and the Bronx Botanical Garden Farmers Markets. 

DARRYL MOY is an accomplished Chinese cook who was introduced to the kitchen at an early age by his parents. Darryl has extensive experience preparing Chinese banquets for large groups.

RENANA SHVIL is the founder and director of Fiddleheads Cooking Studio.  Fiddleheads’ focus is on healthy and delicious dishes made with simple ingredients. ( 

Dance & Exercise

Colorful silhouettes of people in dance and yoga poses.

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*NEW* GENTLE YOGA with Rochelle Mitlak  
This gentle yoga class is developed based on Kripalu Yoga. In this class, students will be led through centering, breath work, and asanas or postures. Students will learn to connect the breath with movement in order to develop a more grounded sense of self on the mat and out in the world. This class is suitable for beginners who have wanted to start a yoga practice and are not sure where to start as well as yogis who prefer a gentle approach to yoga. Please bring a yoga mat and yoga blanket to class. Blocks and a strap are optional. All props will be explained at the first class.

10 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 4 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 6:30-7:45pm HGHS, F-1 • $135

Pure Barre is a collection of 45- to 50-minute full-body workouts that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms, and burns fat. The Pure Barre method focuses on small isometric movements that create a high intensity, low impact workout that delivers quick results. Come see for yourself! Bring a yoga mat and towel.

Thursday • September 19 • 7-8pm • HGHS, Dance Studio *This class is free (registration is required)

PILATES with Michelle Saccurato
Pilates is an excellent method for improving core strength, alignment, flexibility, and mind-body awareness--these are essential components of movement and function to protect a healthy back. Rev up the workout by using a weighted ring for added resistance to the core, and more. Ring provided in class. Please bring your own mat.

10 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 4 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 7:30-8:30pm HGHS, Fitness Center • $130

*NEW* POUND ROCK OUT WORKOUT with Suzi Myers Tipa 
POUND is a great way to burn calories and bang out your stress, too! POUND is a 45-minute group fitness class that combines cardio and strength training with drumming to achieve a full-body workout. Using lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™, you can expect to burn between 500-900 calories per class and will be performing over 15,000 reps per session! Ripstix will be provided; please bring a yoga mat or towel to work on.

8 Tuesdays • September 17 to November 19 • 8:15-9:15pm • HGHS, Dance Studio • $105

Learn the basics of your favorite ballroom dances; including salsa, merengue, swing, waltz, tango and more while learning partnering techniques for leading and following. No partner necessary, just your sense of adventure and sense of humor! Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise and dance shoes or sneakers.

8 Tuesdays • September 17 to November 19 (no class 10/1 & 10/8) • 7:15-8:15pm HGHS, Dance Studio • $105

This multifaceted class will contain all of the benefits of working with a certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor while exploring different modalities of training to help you achieve your fitness goals. Using traditional dumbbells and weight training techniques, cardio intervals and circuit training, the workouts will vary from week to week to help you get fit and have fun in a class. It will keep you coming back for more week after week! Some experience with weights would be helpful. Please bring a yoga/exercise mat, water bottle and small fitness ball to class.

Section A: 10 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 3 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 6:30-7:30pm • HGHS, Fitness Center • $130 *Limit 10*

Section B: 10 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 3 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7:30-8:30pm • HGHS, Fitness Center • $130 *Limit 10*

*NEW* TRX STRENGTH TRAINING with Michelle Saccurato  
Developed in the field by US Navy Seals, TRX training is a full-body strength workout that utilizes a person’s own body weight instead of relying on machines or dumbbells. TRX is designed to improve your balance, endurance, flexibility, and core strength. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

10 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 4 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 6:45-7:30pm • HGHS, Fitness Center • $125 *Limit 12*

VINYASA YOGA with Kathryn Ward
Vinyasa yoga, based on the practice of K. Pattabi Jois, is a practice where postures often flow from one to the next. The class will start with the standing postures, go to seated postures, and finally to some reclining postures. This is a multi-level class so all are welcome. The first couple of weeks will be focused on those who are beginning yoga or are coming back after a gap so that we can establish proper form and core postures. As we proceed through the 10 weeks, the practice will become more vigorous, but modifications for all levels will be offered. As always, you will be encouraged to listen to your own body and to find your edge, but not go beyond that edge.

10 Mondays • September 16 to December 9 (no class 9/30, 10/14, 11/11) • 7:30-8:30pm • HGHS, F-1 • $130

ZUMBA / ZUMBA TONING with Annette Leone
 Zumba® is the cardio dance fitness workout with an energizing mix of Latin and world rhythms that feels like a party! Burn hundreds of calories without even realizing it. Zumba’s® mix of low- and high-intensity moves, in an interval style cardio dance fitness party, take the “work” out of workout. No dance ability required! Great music, fun choreography and easy-to-follow moves make this Zumba® class perfect for everyone. All ages and fitness levels, from beginners to the more experienced fitness addicts, will come together for a safe and effective workout that will bring a smile to your face!

10 Mondays • September 16 to December 9 (no class 9/30, 10/14, 11/11) • 7:15-8:15pm • HGHS, Dance Studio • $130

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About the Instructors

MEGAN SACH GOLDSCHEIN is the owner of Pure Barre Mt. Kisco. Pure Barre is a full body workout which focuses on small isometric movements creating a high-intensity, low impact workout.

ANNETTE LEONE is a certified Zumba Toning, Zumba Step and Zumba Kids instructor. Her goal is to inspire others to become healthier and fit through the Zumba program.  

ROCHELLE MITLAK is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and has been dancing and practicing yoga for many years.  She values the transformation yoga has brought to her life and wants to inspire others to connect the mind and body.

SUZI MYERS TIPA studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and improv at Chicago City Limits in NYC. She has taught Latin and International Dance and Zumba for SUNY Purchase. She is co-founder and Company Manger for World Dance Theatre, a not-for-profit professional dance company dedicated to the promotion of cross-cultural understanding through the arts. She currently performs with World Dance Theatre and with Pat Cannon’s Foot and Fiddle Dance Company. 

MICHELLE SACCURATO has taught exercise classes for over 20 years. Her philosophy is, “Exercise at any age to increase your quality of life. Keep moving and breathing!” Her qualifications include a B.S. and M.S. in Math Special Education, a Pilates Mat Certification, and she is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Senior Fitness Study student.

KATHRYN WARD has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and started teaching it in 2015. She sees yoga as a path to connecting body and mind and as an important tool for cultivating mindfulness in daily life.

DENISE WEBER is a fitness professional with 30 years of experience and multiple certifications. She loves to use fitness to improve the quality of life for her clients and students.


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Three things that people worry about as they grow older are 1) Inflation: Will you continue to be able to afford and support your lifestyle, 2) Market volatility: If you needed to withdraw income from your assets during a prolonged market downturn, you could easily run out of money before you run out of life, and 3) Longevity: With improvements in lifestyle and advances in medical care, you have a greater chance of living many years after retirement. What if 100% of these concerns could be eliminated? What if you could find ways to protect your principal, lock-in market gains and receive lifetime income payments, even if the value of your assets decline! Learn how to plan for 20 to 30 years of retirement income and understand the importance of creating a plan for income that can’t be outlived.

Monday • September 16 • 6-8pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30

Women make terrific investors. They are as financially literate as men are, but studies suggest that their confidence sometimes lags behind. Assess your attitude towards your finances and boost your financial confidence to be a smarter investor. How do I select a Financial Advisor? What questions should I ask in my meetings and financial reviews with my advisor? How do I build and diversify my portfolio on my own? What are the elements of a financial plan? Join us for a lively discussion and bring your own questions to discuss. Learn about modern portfolio theory and how you can use it to achieve peace of mind and financial security.

Wednesday • September 25 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-5 • $30 (no fee for Chappaqua Seniors)

MEDICARE 101 with Jim Farnham 
Are you currently enrolled in Medicare, or are you soon-to-be eligible for Medicare? Will you be turning 65 over the next year or two? Learn about how and when to enroll, when you can make changes, and the insurance options available to you. Review and compare Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. Explore and evaluate Original Medicare, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans. Receive the most up-to-date information and simplify the choices you need to make. This program will help you become better informed and confident about what Medicare means for you!

Thursday • October 10 • 6-8pm • HGHS, D-3 • This class is free (registration required)

RETIREMENT PLANNING TODAY with Scott Turner and Steven Klimaszewski
The strategies that you used to accumulate money are very different from the strategies that you will use to make sure your money lasts throughout your retirement. Come learn from two financial specialists with over thirty-five years of experience how you can create the retirement plan that you want based on the following: 

  • How to allocate your investments for your retirement 
  • How to avoid investing too conservatively 
  • What the basics of financial planning are and what strategies will combat inflation and taxes
  • How to determine your insurance needs and what estate planning techniques and documents you need for the distribution and management of your estate

3 Thursdays • October 10 to October 24 • 7-9:30pm • HGHS, Academic Commons • $50 (optional workbook available for purchase ($40) at first class)

As life expectancies continue to increase, it is more common for middle-aged adults to support both an aging parent and a child. In this session we will cover ways to organize and help manage personal finances for an aging parent, how to help them make sure their estate plan is up to date, options to pay for long term care and where to turn for help, and how to protect against elder fraud.

Wednesday • October 23 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30

If you have not updated your estate plan to keep pace with changes to the estate tax laws, you may end up paying far more than necessary. Do you want to avoid estate taxes legally and prevent nursing home costs from depleting your family assets? Are you concerned about your estate being diverted to a child’s spouse? Do you want to minimize probate costs and delays for your heirs? In this workshop, you will learn how to pass assets to children free of estate tax, protect your home and other assets from future nursing home costs, ensure that money intended for your children and grandchildren does not pass inadvertently to in-laws and others, and avoid problems from arising when your will is probated.

Monday • September 23 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30 (no fee for Chappaqua Seniors)

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About the Instructors

JIM FARNHAM, MBA, MS, has travelled the U.S. and Canada as a professional speaker and author. He has over twenty years of experience in insurance, financial services, retirement planning, and strategies for income distribution during retirement.

ANN HERRERO, CFP®, CTFA, CDFA™, is a financial planner with over 25 years of experience in the financial industry; including fixed income trading, private banking and trust accounts. She is a Certified Financial Planning™ Professional, a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. She has an M.B.A. in Finance and Portfolio Management from Pace University and is past-president of the Financial Planning Association of the Greater Hudson Valley.

STEVEN KLIMASZEWSKI is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional and a Certified Fund Specialist with over 25 years of experience in financial services, including two decades of teaching retirement planning classes. Steve specializes in retirement distribution planning for pre-retirees and retirees. He has successfully helped hundreds retire using a segmentation or bucketing methodology to guide asset allocation strategies.

NEIL LUBARSKY, Esq., is a Harvard Law graduate who also possesses an L.L.M. (Masters of Law Degree) in taxation from NYU. He has been a practicing estate planning and elder law attorney for over 30 years. 

PAUL TRAMONTOZZI, CFP® began his career in finance on the floor of the American Stock Exchange in 2001 and spent 14 years on Wall Street in various trading roles.  He now works as a Certified Financial Planner™ to help his clients ensure their financial well-being.  Tramontozzi received a BA in Economics from Binghamton University and currently resides with his wife and 2 children in Rye, NY.

SCOTT M. TURNER has been in the financial services business for over 20 years. He specializes in financial consulting for individuals, families, and small businesses with an emphasis on asset management and retirement planning. Scott is a CFP®, Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He is one of fewer than 50 people nationwide who have both designations.

Games & Fun

swinging pocket watch, mah jognn table and magician's hat and wand

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CANASTA: Beginner’s Series with Lori Greene
This six-week course gives an introductory overview of the rules and strategy to playing Canasta, a form of rummy using two full decks of cards. Through open and supervised games, students learn the art of playing and have fun while doing it. At the end of the series students will feel confident in their abilities to play a game with friends or on their own.

Section A: 6 Mondays • September 9 to October 28 (no class 9/30, 10/14) • 7-9pm • HGHS, L-217 • $150 *Limit 10*

Section B: 6 Mondays • November 4 to December 16 (no class 11/11) • 7-9pm • HGHS, L-217 • $150 *Limit 10*

Section C (with Susan Cott): 6 Mondays • September 16 to October 21  (no class 9/30 & 10/14, two makeup classes will be added) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-4 • $150 *Limit 10*

Take your Canasta game to a higher level! Learn strategy and tips on how to play to win. Students must know how to play canasta or have taken Canasta: Beginner’s Series.

Section A: 6 Wednesdays • September 18 to October 30 (no class 10/9) • 7-9pm • HGHS, L-215 • $150 *Limit 10*

Section B: 6 Wednesdays November 6 to December 18 (no class 11/27) • 7-9pm • HGHS, L-215 • $150 *Limit 10*

Immerse yourself in the enriching, fun and dynamic world of Astrology. In this 2-hour session, we’ll discuss all the basics one needs to read an astrological chart. Understanding how to read a chart can uncover your potential and will expand your capacity to tap into the universal energies to shape and direct your future as you envision it. We’ll discuss each of the major components that comprise a chart – signs, planets, houses and aspects as well as look at the patterns and cycles these things signify in our lives. No prior knowledge or experience in astrology is required. Please fill out the form at before the class so a chart may be generated and emailed to you. Provide birth date, time and location (as precise as possible).

Section A: Wednesday • September 18 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30 *Limit 10*

Section B: Wednesday • October 16 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30 *Limit 10*

 This four-week course will teach students basic principles in sleight of hand magic and is open to all levels. Learn misdirection, timing and how magic works from world-renowned magician/mentalist/memorist MagicDave. At course completion, you will have knowledge of card, coin, mind reading, puzzle and impromptu tricks, and will be able to entertain using magic!

4 Mondays • September 9 to October 7 (no class 9/30) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-5 • $100

Don’t let excessive weight be your curse. You’ve heard that “diets don’t work.” There is some truth to that. Weight loss begins in your mind. Discover the easy way to start shedding those extra pounds through the power of your mind with hypnosis. Finally, your opportunity to take charge of your life. Please bring a pillow and a sleeping bag or mat.

Wednesday • September 25 • 8:15-9:45pm • HGHS, D-2 • $35 ($10 materials fee collected in class for a special reinforcement CD)

*ADDED* MAH JONGG WEDNESDAYS - Bam! Crack! Dot! with Katie Goldberg
Come learn the basics of this intriguing ancient Chinese tile game of luck and skill. You will learn the “western” style of play as sanctioned by the National Mah Jongg League. The experienced instructor will provide all learning materials as well as the current National Mah Jongg League Card.

6 Wednesdays • September 18 to October 30 (no class 10/9) • 7-9pm • HGHS, Studio 6 • $135 ($15 materials fee collected in class)

MAH JONGG with Katie Goldberg
Bam! Crack! Dot! Come learn the basics of this intriguing ancient Chinese tile game of luck and skill. You will learn the “western” style of play as sanctioned by the National Mah Jongg League. The experienced instructor will provide all learning materials as well as the current National Mah Jongg League Card.

6 Thursdays • September 19 to October 31 (no class 9/26) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-4 • $135 ($15 materials fee collected in class)

MAH JONGG Supervised Play with Katie Goldberg
Take your Mah Jongg game to a higher level! Learn scoring and betting, winning and defensive strategies, and different styles of playing the hand. Students must know how to play Mah Jongg or have taken a beginner course. All levels welcome. The current National Mah Jongg League Card will be available for purchase from the instructor, if needed. As always, prizes for the winners! 

6 Thursdays • November 7 to December 19 (no class 11/28) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-4 • $135

 Are you terrible at remembering names or forget where you put your car keys? In this workshop you will discover easy and sure-fire ways to instantly recall names, faces, lists, instructions, school work, and English and foreign vocabularies. Whether you’re a student looking to get better grades, a sales person who has to remember your customers’ names, employed or not, 18-95 years old, you WILL benefit from this course. Workbook is included.

Wednesday • September 25 • 6:30-8pm • HGHS, D-2 • $35 

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About the Instructors

SUSAN COTT has been teaching canasta all over the New York tri-state area, and loves when she sees the light bulb go off for her students as they learn the game and start using the various strategies she has taught them. She is a long-term resident of Armonk, where she has lived for 23 years with her husband and three children.

DAVID “Magic Dave” FERST is a world-renowned magician/mentalist/memorist who has been performing since the age of six. He is a top consultant in the magic field teaching sleight of hand to some of the world’s finest entertainers. He also performs for many charities such as Memorial Sloan Kettering, St. Judes children’s hospital, Orange Grove Medical Center, National Leukemia/Lymphoma Association, and many others.

KATIE GOLDBERG is a classically trained fine artist residing in Mt. Kisco. She holds a B.F.A. from Alfred University and teaches mixed-media art classes throughout Westchester. She is an avid mah jongg player and an experienced instructor.

LORI GREENE has been teaching canasta privately for two years. She is passionate about the game and particularly loves how her groups have continued playing long after their lessons have ended. Lori previously worked as a vice president of human resources in investment banking and has held various part-time and volunteer positions.

RUSS ROSS employs his training as an astrologer with his decades of experience to provide comprehensive, yet concise predictive readings. He employs his understanding to offer students a simple, no-nonsense approach to astrology.

MARC SKY has been teaching his classes and workshops in adult education schools throughout New Jersey and New York for the past twenty years. He is a psychology graduate from Rutgers University and a hypnotherapist. As a memory expert, Marc teaches easy and practical techniques that anyone can develop. 

Garden & Home

terranium, countertop with place settings, herb garden, mushroom log, and garlic bulbs.

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Grow your own gourmet mushrooms! Learn the basics of using plug spawn to start a mushroom log; techniques which can be applied to many exotic and expensive varieties. Discover the culinary and medicinal uses of these woodland treats and leave with your own one-foot log, which will bloom with mushrooms! We will also talk about the cultivation of Wine Cap mushrooms in wood chips. A choice of Shiitake, Maitake, and Oysters supplies will be available.

Monday • November 4 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30 ($7 supply fee collected in class)

*NEW* DESIGN A WINTER WREATH with Deborah Taft  
Just in time for Thanksgiving, learn to make a wreath with a variety of locally-sourced evergreens and accent plants like boxwood and holly. You’ll learn the basics of working with metal wreath forms as well as simply adorning pre-made grape vine wreaths. As time and interest permits, we can also cover garland, swags, table runners, and/or centerpieces, all made with the same materials. Leave with at least one completed wreath.

Monday • November 25 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30 ($10 materials fee collected in class) *Limit 10*

*NEW FORMAT* FRESH LOCAL GREENS ALL WINTER: Growing Your Own Shoots and Sprouts with Deborah Taft
Sprouting beans, alfalfa, radishes, broccoli, even wheat and nuts is easy and yields a superior fresh food packing a big nutritional punch. Pea and sunflower shoots are extremely popular in the best restaurants and at your farmers market and are equally easy to grow. Sample a wide range of shoots and sprouts, learn about their uses and storage, and how to grow them in your own kitchen. Leave with a simple sprouter full of your first crop. If you bring a shallow dish that will hold soil you’ll also go home with a crop of presoaked peas or sunflowers for shoots.

Monday • October 21 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30 ($5 supply fee collected in class)

In the Northeast, autumn is garlic-planting time.  These hardy little plants start their growth in October and then suspend operations until the spring wakes them up.  Learn how to prepare the soil for garlic, properly crack and plant the cloves, and what your garlic will need in the spring to make next year’s meals more delicious!  Seed garlic will be available for purchase.

Monday • October 7 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $30

ORGANIZING 101 with Katy Winter
Imagine the joy of a home finally decluttered. No more junk drawers, piles of papers, closets overflowing with unworn clothes, self-help organizing books collecting dust on your shelves. So many of us crave order, but find the task overwhelming. The hardest part is getting started! Katy Winter has been decluttering Chappaqua homes for the past six years. This course will simplify the process and offer ideas for transforming target areas. Whether you are a young couple setting up a new home or an empty nester trying to pare down thirty years of memorabilia; whether your goal is to organize a pantry or edit your home from top to bottom, Katy can help you make your life at home easier and happier.

Thursday • October 24 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30

PREP & STAGE YOUR HOME TO SELL with Mary Ann Bayer and Vivien Levy 
Would you like to sell your home more quickly...and at top dollar? Then stage it! Staging is the process of preparing your house so it appeals to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling it more swiftly and for more money. This class will offer tips and help you decide what needs to be done to prepare your home for today’s market.

Tuesday • October 22 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30 (no fee for Chappaqua Seniors)

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About the Instructors

MARY ANN BAYER is a licensed real estate agent, REALTOR, and Accredited Staging Professional. Mary Ann has represented both sellers and buyers for more than 10 years with the Chappaqua office of Houlihan Lawrence.

VIVIEN LEVY is a professional stager who helps Westchester-based realtors and homeowners prepare properties for sale. 

DEBORAH TAFT is the owner of Mobius Fields, a small-scale mixed vegetable farm in Westchester. She uses organic methods enhanced by biodynamic and nutrient dense growing practices. Mobius Fields can be found on Saturdays during the growing season at the John Jay Homestead Farm Market and the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Farmers’ Market. Deb is a founding board member of the Westchester Growers Alliance. 

KATY WINTER is a professional organizer and pantry stylist extraordinaire based in 
Chappaqua with a degree in Fashion Marketing from the University of Texas. Believing in a practical and minimalistic approach, she helps clients streamline their homes and simplify their lives through successful home editing.


Music genres, typewriter keys and camera lens

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COMEDY WRITING: Let’s Get Funny! with Rich Mintzer
Here’s your chance to flex your funny bone and create something funny. From a standup comedy routine to jokes for the next family event, to funny stories to enhance business presentations, to a humor book; comedy is always welcome as a stress release in these tough times. In this class, we’ll talk about what makes something funny, how to write humor and (for those who dare get up in front of others to perform it) how to survive on stage. We will also discuss how to get your humor published. So--let’s get FUNNY!

4 Thursdays • October 24 to November 14 • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-5 • $85

*NEW* DNA TESTING: Get Into Your Hand-Me-Down Genes with Janeen Bjork  
Have you seen the television commercials or programming that use DNA for genealogy and wondered what it’s all about? Maybe you submitted a DNA sample, received the results, and didn’t know how to interpret the findings. This course is a primer on genetic genealogy; it will examine the five major companies offering DNA testing for the mass market, the types of tests available, the costs, and the facts and misconceptions of what testing can do for genealogists.

Thursday • October 10 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30

*NEW* KNOT-TYING with Robert Chuckrow  
Knowledge of knot-tying goes back at least tens of thousands of years and is very useful in many areas of daily life. Learning to tie knots and hitches promotes increased hand-eye coordination, visualization, spatial relations, and memory. Also, it is an inexpensive, useful, relaxing, and satisfying form of recreation. Rope, rings, and all other materials are included.

6 Thursdays • September 19 to October 31 (no class 9/26) • 6:30-7:30pm • HGHS, F-1 • $75

The New York Times once wrote that 81% of people want to write a book. Truth is, only a small percentage will ever actually complete such an endeavor. Whether you have a brilliant idea for a whodunit or want to start working on your autobiography, this class will help you put pen to paper in a friendly, supportive environment. Providing the motivation you need to catapult your work off the pages of your notebook. We will discuss the entire book process; from deciding on a topic, honing characters (if you are writing fiction) and developing an outline and table of contents, to working your way through a manuscript one chapter at a time. We will also discuss editing, research, rewrites, and how to take your book to market via agents or self-publishing options. Whether you are writing a memoir, non-fiction book, novel or children’s book, this course provides a place to begin the process.

4 Thursdays • September 19 to October 17 (no class 9/26) • 7-8:30pm • HGHS, D-5 • $85 

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About the Instructors

JANEEN BJORK has applied the detective, analytic and presentation skills she garnered in a career of over three decades in TV research to her second career as a Genealogy teacher and presenter. Her engaging and interactive presentation style uses audience participation with actual examples and case studies to prepare audiences to find the family members and stories that have eluded them.

ROBERT CHUCKROW, whose Ph.D. is in experimental physics, has studied T’ai Chi, Ch’i Kung, and other movement, self-development, and healing arts since 1970. He is a certified master teacher of Kinetic Awareness® and has taught T’ai Chi extensively. A multi award-winning author, he has written five books: three on T’ai Chi, one on diet and weight-loss, and one on the tuning of keyboard instruments. He taught physics at NYU, The Cooper Union, and Fieldston.

RICH MINTZER, an author and ghostwriter for nearly 30 years, has penned over 80 books and taught writing classes in Manhattan and at Westchester Community College. He has also done speaking engagements on writing a book throughout Westchester over the past 7 years. 

Photography & Technology

Various arms holding up different hand-held computer devices.

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This comprehensive course will help beginners and knowledgeable eBayers alike. Learn to set up eBay and PayPal accounts, navigate the system and understand how to participate in both buying and selling.  Learn how to search through all of the millions of items for sale for exactly what you want, save custom searches, maintain a “watch” list and favorite sellers.  Learn the tips, tricks and traps of on-line auctions so you can avoid mistakes and spot great deals.  Learn to create your own auction listings; including how to describe and price your items, post photos, determine shipping costs, create restrictions and get paid.  Learn about the importance of timing your listing, getting and giving feedback and how to communicate with buyers. This course will teach you how to navigate eBay’s menus, search for items as well as create your own listings from scratch with photos that sell your items.

3 Wednesdays • September 18 to October 2 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Studio 6 • $90

*NEW* DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Common Mistakes and Lessons Learned with Donald Gambino
Just taking pictures with a digital camera is one thing, but achieving great results can be a challenge. Take a “tour” of the instructor’s best and worst shots, and learn what made these photographs worth taking, what to avoid and what to pursue while capturing the essence of what makes a photo a memorable image.

Thursday • November 21 • 7-9:30pm • HGHS, L-217 • $35

iPAD FUNDAMENTALS with Donald Gambino 
Have you made the leap into the power of the iPad, but don’t have time to figure out all of its capabilities? Learn to maximize your productivity and have fun with your iPad’s buttons. Learn correct swiping gestures, software settings, touch pad typing functions and email set-up. Familiarize yourself with basic apps, surf the Web, share photos and more. NOTE: please email your top three questions at least one day before class to

2 Thursdays • October 10 to October 17 • 7-9:30pm • HGHS, L-217 • $70

Learn how to use your digital (preferably SLR) camera to take stunning photographs of your children’s sport, dance and theater events. In this class and hands-on workshop, participants will learn the elements of good action photography composition, equipment requirements, selecting the proper camera settings, positioning yourself to take photos with the most impact, and post-processing and displaying your sports and action photographs. The class will involve lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on photography of sporting and events.

4 Mondays • September 9 to October 7 (no class 9/30) • 7-9pm • HGHS, Studio 6 • $100

WEB DESIGN WITH WORDPRESS: Create a website on the 1st day with Fredy Fleck
WordPress is a free online software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security and utilized by 30.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018. Learn to create your website on the first night of class. Then customize your website by adding and managing content like new pages, text, pictures, picture galleries, videos, social media integration, and more.

4 Thursdays • September 19 to October 17 (no class 9/26) • 7:30-9:30pm • HGHS, Studio 6 • $100 

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About the Instructors

FREDY FLECK is a graphic and web designer who owns Fredy Fleck Graphic Design, Inc. You can view his work at

DONALD GAMBINO is a computer artist, consultant, educator, and private trainer since 1983. Former chairperson of the Department of Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he created the school’s B.F.A. program in computer art. For more information, please visit

PETER SILVERMAN is a tech-savvy, business professional with over 35 years of experience in various technology and communication industries as well as over 20 years of eBay experience.  Peter and his wife have been antiques dealers for over 30 years, leveraging Peter’s eBay skills since 1999 to buy and sell many of their vintage items.  Peter is a seasoned veteran of the entire eBay experience who knows the ins and outs of the system and has had a great deal of success not only using eBay personally but in helping others to take advantage of the buying and selling power that eBay offers.

WARREN ROSENBERG is a New York based sports photographer, owner of The New York Sports Photo Group, and founder and publisher of MetroSports Magazine.

Self Discover / Wellness

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ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: Poise, Breath & Skilled Movement with Karla Diamond
The Alexander Technique is a method for changing postural habits that often create excess tension as we go about our daily activities. This introductory session on the Technique will give you an understanding of how to use your body in a way that is stress free. The method is well known among doctors and was written up in the British Journal of Medicine as a proven way to enhance recovery from back pain.

6 Wednesdays • October 16 to November 20 • 6-7pm • HGHS, TBD • $100

This course includes instruction in adult CPR, adult Automated External Defibrillator (AED), child CPR, child AED and infant CPR. Instruction in how to relieve choking in adults, children and infants is also included. The video-based training is complemented by supervised, corrected practical exercises. Please Note: This is not a credentialed class, you will not receive a course completion card.

Thursday • October 17 • 7-10pm • CVAC Building (233 N. Greeley Ave.) • $25 (free for Chappaqua Seniors)

Studies show a strong link between clutter and stress, which you probably know first-hand. You have also likely decluttered too, but it didn’t last. What if the reason is because clutter isn’t what you think it is and what if you had a simple way to stop it? Join Lisa Zawrotny, Productivity Coach & Professional Organizer, to learn how it’s all connected and the clutter-reducing techniques for your home, head, and heart that will help you reduce anxiety and increase productivity.

Wednesday • November 6 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-5 • $30

In this lively class you will learn a simple, five-minute meditation that will energize your best inner self; the part of you that’s pure, strong and wise. Meditation trains your mind to focus on the moment instead of worrying about what occurred in the past or what could happen in the future. Test the possibility for yourself.

Tuesday • October 15 • 7:30- 9pm • HGHS, C-6 • $30

In these sessions, you will master a deep-power daily meditation practice. You will learn the full set of meditation practices, which will provide you with tools to discover your true, fully alive self. Learn how to blend meditation easily and comfortably into your daily life. In addition, you will come to appreciate how simple meditations can produce such profound and lasting results. If you are new to meditation, this is an easy, sound way to get started. If you’re experienced, it’s an opportunity to refresh your practices and expand perspectives.

5 Tuesdays • October 22 to November 19 • 7:30-9pm • HGHS, C-6 • $100

*NEW* HERBAL REMEDIES WORKSHOP with Dr. Abby Egginton   
Herbal remedies come in the form of teas, tinctures and salves. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about medicinal herbs and have the chance to make a tea, tincture and salve.  You will leave having a better understanding of some of the health benefits of plants growing in our own back yard as well as how to choose tinctures and teas to for you and your family.

Thursday • November 14 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30 ($15 materials fee collected in class)

It can be hard to know what dietary direction to follow when nutrition advice seems to always be changing and information can be conflicting. A properly chosen healthy diet can increase energy, relieve aches and pains and even heal chronic illnesses. In this class naturopathic doctor, Abby Egginton will help you better understand of how to eat right to optimize your health and wellbeing. We will clarify the confusing advice and learn how to create a tasty, varied and healthy diet that reduces your health risks and helps you feel great.

Thursday • October 31 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-2 • $30

For millennia, the Chinese have developed and practiced Ch’i Kung (Qigong) for calming the mind and relaxing, energizing, and healing the body and organs. Ch’i is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ch’i Kung is characterized as “acupuncture without the needles” because it achieves similar effects. Adults of all levels, ages and conditions of health are welcome. A free video of the movements taught will be provided to each participant.

8 Thursdays • September 19 to November 14 (no class 9/26) • 7:30-8:30pm • HGHS, F-1 • $120

T’AI CHI FOR BEGINNERS and BEYOND with Robert Chuckrow
T’ai Chi is a meditative exercise based on Taoist philosophy and other centuries-old Chinese principles of health, spirituality and self-defense. Its natural, relaxed movements promote inner calm and improve self-awareness, balance and coordination. Recently published studies have confirmed that those who practice T’ai Chi have improved blood pressure, a reduction in fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, improved immune function and a lowered risk of falls and their resulting injuries.

8 Tuesdays • September 17 to November 26 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7:15-8:45pm • HGHS, F-1 • $135

*NEW* THE POWER OF GRATITUDE with Lisa Zawrotny  
It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy. The happiest, highest achieving people have one thing in common: a gratitude habit. Incorporating gratitude into your day is a game-changer for life and business. Join certified life coach Lisa Zawrotny of Positively Productive Systems, LLC to explore the many gifts of gratitude (like happiness) and learn how to develop the best gratitude practice for you.

Wednesday • October 2 • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-5 • $30

Come and experience the mindful and meditative benefits of knitting! As a class participant you will learn how to knit a scarf using It’s a…Yummy super soft 100% merino wool yarn and oversized needles. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned a skill and leave with your own creation--a Yummy Mini Scarf! This class is appropriate for both novice and experienced knitters

Thursday • October 17 • 7-9pm • HGHS, Art 1 • $30 ($35 supply fee collected in class)

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About the Instructors

ANNA BLASUCCI, a long-time meditator and a certified teacher of the American Meditation Society, loves to share Guruaj Ananada’s teachings and practices for a simple yet life transforming meditation practice.

ROBERT CHUCKROW, whose Ph.D. is in experimental physics, has studied T’ai Chi, Ch’i Kung, and other movement, self-development, and healing arts since 1970. He is a certified master teacher of Kinetic Awareness® and has taught T’ai Chi extensively. A multi award-winning author, he has written five books: three on T’ai Chi, one on diet and weight-loss, and one on the tuning of keyboard instruments. He taught physics at NYU, The Cooper Union, and Fieldston. 

KARLA DIAMOND is a certified Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique with 23 years of teaching experience. She has taught workshops around the world and maintains a private practice in Mt. Kisco.

DR. ABBY EGGINTON is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Pleasantville, NY and Ridgefield, CT. She earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She then completed a rigorous 16-month residency in Naturopathic Oncology at Indiana University Cancer Center in Goshen, IN, followed by a fellowship at Bastyr. 

JOSEPH GENTILESCO is a certified American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor. A longtime resident of New Castle, he is also an Emergency Medical Technician riding with the Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

LISA ZAWRONTY created Positively Productive Systems to bring the powerful healing of simplifying and self-care to her chronically overwhelmed clients. As a Productivity & Organizing coach, certified in time management and life coaching, she shows you how to embrace simplicity and find success by decluttering your life inside and out and designing systems and habits that work best for you. 

World Languages

National flag of France, Spain and Italy

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS with Monique Salnikow
This course is for those who have no or some previous French study. Emphasis will be on everyday vocabulary and simple use of verbs. Come learn the basics of grammar and idiomatic expressions in an atmosphere designed to develop your confidence.

12 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 18 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 6-7pm • HGHS, D-4 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors)

FRENCH INTERMEDIATE with Monique Salnikow 
Acquire the ability to speak French along with the correct accent in a congenial atmosphere. This course is for those with some knowledge of the language who prefer to strengthen the basics before moving ahead. Each session is customized around the student’s aptitudes and knowledge. This is a highly-focused, enriching course with an emphasis on communication.

12 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 18 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-4 • $300 ($150 for Chappaqua Seniors)

FRENCH ADVANCED with Monique Salnikow
Spend some lively time refreshing your French with a native speaker--almost as good as going to Paris! This course is intended for students with a solid knowledge of French. Students will continue to polish grammar and vocabulary.

12 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 17 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7-9pmHGHS, D-4 • $300 ($150 for Chappaqua Seniors)

INTRODUCTION TO ITALIAN LEVEL I: Beginners with Alessandro Daniele
This course is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. It focuses on the four areas of learning a language--listening, speaking, reading, and basic writing in real situations. Students develop communicative skills while reviewing and learning grammar as well as discussing Italian culture.

12 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 17 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 6-7:30pm • HGHS, D-3 • $240 ($125 for Chappaqua Seniors)

This course is the continuation of the Introduction to Italian, spring 2019 course. The aim of the course is to reinforce and refine skills in speaking, oral and reading comprehension, writing and grammar. The Italian grammar is reviewed and new topics are presented through intensive listening, speaking, reading and writing practice.

12 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 17 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7:30-9pm • HGHS, D-3 • $240 ($125 for Chappaqua Seniors)

This course is intended for students with a good grasp of Italian who would like to improve oral and comprehension skills through complete cultural immersion and active conversation with a native speaker. The course embraces the Italian culture through music, cinema, literature, popular media and, of course, cuisine. The lessons are highly interactive and organized around everyday conversation topics. Because discussion topics change with every session, this course is ideal for both new and returning students. In addition to weekly classes, the students in this course will have access to the instructor’s website for additional resources.

12 Wednesdays • September 18 to December 18 (no class 10/9, 11/27) • 7-9pm • HGHS, D-3 • $300 ($150 for Chappaqua Seniors)

This course provides an opportunity to learn to speak and understand Spanish. It is an introductory course for those who have had little or no previous study of the language.  

12 Mondays • September 9 to December 16 (no class 9/30, 10/14 & 11/11) • 6-7pm • HGHS, D-2 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors)

This course is a continuation of Spanish Advanced Beginner from spring 2019 and intended for students who have already had some experience studying and speaking Spanish and would like to increase fluency. Present and past tenses are covered. Prerequisite: Spanish for True Beginners.

12 Mondays • September 9 to December 16 (no class 9/30, 10/14 & 11/11) • 7-8pm • HGHS, L-215 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors) 

This course is a continuation of Spanish Intermediate I from spring 2019 and intended for students who have already had some experience studying and speaking Spanish and would like to increase fluency. Students will give short presentations and conduct dialogues in real situations. Present and past tenses are covered. Prerequisite: Spanish for Advanced Beginners or equivalent.

12 Mondays • September 9 to December 16 (no class 9/30, 10/14 & 11/11) • 6-7pm • HGHS, L-215 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors)

This class is a continuation of Spanish Intermediate II from spring 2019, and intended for students who have already had some experience studying and speaking Spanish and would like to increase fluency. Students will give short presentations and conduct dialogues in real situations. Present and past tenses are covered. Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate I or equivalent.

12 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 17 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 6-7pm • HGHS, L-215 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors)

SPANISH ADVANCED with Diana Walker 
This course focuses on enhancing the oral, writing, and comprehension skills by reading Spanish articles and books. Students also improve their Spanish speaking ability through active class discussion and presentations. Past, conditional and future tenses are covered. Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate II or equivalent.

12 Tuesdays • September 17 to December 17 (no class 10/1, 10/8) • 7-8pm • HGHS, L-215 • $225 ($120 for Chappaqua Seniors)

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About the Instructors

ALESSANDRO DANIELE is a native of Italy and acting chairman of the Italian Department at Manhanttanville College. His vast teaching experience includes Fordham and City College, as well as many institutes in Italy.

ISABEL IRIZARRY grew up speaking Spanish and living in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world including Spain, Colombia and Puerto Rico. She is currently a teacher at Horace Greeley and is excited to rejoin the Continuing Ed program. Isabel enjoys creating engaging, meaningful experiences through the use of authentic material.

FRANCESCA EUGENI MCAFEE was born and raised in Italy. She lived in Rome for over 20 years and studied foreign languages. She has direct experience of what it takes to become multilingual, and recently created a website for the teaching of conversational Italian. Francesca is certified in Italian by The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). For additional information, please visit

MONIQUE N. SALNIKOW was born and educated in France and has been conducting French classes for over twenty years.

DIANA WALKER is a native Spanish speaker from Argentina. This accomplished, creative and energetic teacher challenges students by creating unique instructional programs tailored to specific needs. Diana has taught at Rippowam Cisqua and Hackley, and continues to tutor students and teach classes in Westchester.

Chappaqua Continuing Education
Horace Greeley High School
70 Roaring Brook Road
914-238-7201 x2318