Results: Budget Votes and Board Elections

Dear Chappaqua School Community,

A school system without strong community support cannot succeed. On May 21, residents went to the polls and voted to pass both the school budget and library budget for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as the two ballot propositions to renovate the Bell School cafeteria and create security vestibules at our 3 elementary and 2 middle schools.

They also re-elected Warren Messner and elected Hilary Grasso to the Board of Education, and elected Lane Shea to the Chappaqua Library Board.

The Chappaqua Central School District would like to thank everyone for coming out to vote, and for supporting the community's children and the Chappaqua Library. The 2019-20 budget will help ensure that the District can provide students and staff the resources and infrastructure needed to support innovative teaching and learning, collaboration, creativity, and the use of evolving technologies to ensure that every student receives a complete and comprehensive K-12 educational experience.

The results of the May 21st CCSD vote are as follows:
(REVISED 5/22/19 at 3:20pm to include 5 verified affidavit ballots.)

Total Ballots Cast = 1,283


Yes = 1,071
No = 203


Cailee Hwang = 341
Hilary Grasso = 664
Warren Messner = 543
Jeffrey Mester = 459
Leah Heiss = 283

BALLOT PROPOSITION 1 (Bell School Cafeteria)

Yes = 1,096
No = 174

BALLOT PROPOSITION 2 (Security Vestibule at DG / RB / WO / BS / SB)

Yes = 1,062
No = 210


Yes = 1,097
No = 178


Lane Shea = 1,009