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Volleyball Skill Workout

  • Pass against wall or with a friend (focus on proper body positioning, stepping forward to target) 3 to 5 days per week.
  • 100 passes (Focus on Proper Position.)
  • 100 passes side to side (50 with left side and 50 with right side) Focus on proper movement when moving side to side.
  • 50 pass to self, turn around and pass backwards (Keep control of the ball-May need a partner.)
  • 60 passes – imagine the ball being passed at the height of the antenna.
  • 60 passes – ball low (about the top of your head, proper position, get low.)
  • 50 passes with some one else spiking or throwing ball hard toward you.
  • 10 Sprawls right side and 10 Sprawls left side (make sure your knee does not go past your hip. Always land on your side with your arm straight out and hand in a fist.)
  • Setting – against wall or with a friend (Focus on proper body, hand positioning, stepping forward to target, and talking) 3 to 5 days per week, may be rotated with the passing or completed together.
  • 25 quick sets against the wall with both hands (Stationary Position-1 minute break, Repeat 2 more times.)
  • 25 quick sets against the wall with both hands while positioned in a squat (1 minute break, then repeat and add 10 more, 1 minute break, repeat and add 10 more) Total at the end should be 45 quick sets in a squat position.
  • 25 sets high to low. Stand Stationary against the wall, move the ball up and down the wall continuously 25 times. Complete 3 times and add 25 more each time.
  • 50 sets to yourself, then turn and back set to wall or friend. Complete 2 more times, 2 minute break in between. Make sure you do not make yourself dizzy by turning around. If that continues to happen stop this drill and just complete back setting without turning around.
  • Pass and set the ball to yourself 50 times each (Repeat 5 times with 30 second break in between.) Focus on hand position and remember to bend your knees when passing. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT FORM.
  • Spiking – against wall or with a friend (focus on footwork, deep knee bends, with both arms coming up, quick arm swing, high elbow, snap wrist, follow through with swing) 3 to 5 days per week.
  • 20 spike approaches without a ball (Left, Right, Left or Right, Left, Right depending on which hand you spike with) Swing your arm up and snapping down.)
  • 30 snaps with a ball (arm extended at all times; wrist snaps with ball down) Repeat 2 times.
  • 30 spikes against the wall with ball with each arm. Complete 10 extra on your non-dominant arm. Repeat 2 times.
  • 20 spikes off some one’s toss (Repeat 3 times.)
  • Work on Slide Approaches 15 times, take 1-minute break and repeat 3 times. (If you do not know what a Slide approach is look on YouTube, they have really good videos.)
  • Work on Quick 1s, 9, 3, and 4 Approaches with a partner and no ball. The partner is there to help you work on your steps. 15 times each. You may rotate these.
  • Spike and dig with a partner (Peppering: Pass, Set, Spike, Continue for about 4 minutes, Take a one minute break and Continue again for 5 minutes, take a one minute break and continue for 6 minutes) This should be gradual.
  • Study the different rotations | 4-2 | 5-1 | 6-2 | and know each position for each rotation.