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Boys Varsity Soccer

Day 1 Fitness Requirements

Long Distance
2-mile run in 14 minutes, no break.

30 reps of 55-yard sprint (width of field) in 10 seconds, followed by a 30 second return jog. Running clock, no breaks.

Upper Body
Maximum push-ups in 30-seconds; 3 reps, 30 second break between reps
Maximum sit-ups in 30-seconds; 3 reps, 30 second break between reps
Core: plank competition, maximum time.

Varsity Performance Measurements

Players will be evaluated against a scale or 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum proficiency).

Strength: Athlete has exceptional upper body strength relative to the needs of varsity soccer; strength is both developed and natural; is able to hold ground with any player on the field; wins almost all 50/50 challenges.

Speed/Fitness: Athlete has exceptional cardiovascular reserves; can play at pace regardless of play period duration; technical ability and mental acuity remain sharp long into a contest; outpaces almost all players in short sprints, long runs and to 50/50 balls.

Technical: Athlete demonstrates the ability to control the ball on the ground and in the air while receiving and distributing, using all parts of the body, practically without fail.

Tactical: Athlete is able to mentally manage all 22 players on the field; consistently anticipates attacking play; positions himself to support his teammates; anticipates and disrupts opposition's movements; can organize defensive block during run of play and aligned to team goals.

Emotional: Athlete consistently demonstrates mental fortitude when under stress; shows respect for all around him; teammates treat the athlete as a leader; actively supports and encourages teammates; coaches have confidence to delegate on-field decision making.