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Administration Building (Education Center)
Chappaqua Central School District
66 Roaring Brook Rd. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(p) 914.238-7200    (fx) 914-238-7231

Christine Ackerman, Ph.D.     238-7200 x1002

Interim Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Mary Ford     238-7200 x1020

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Leadership Development
Kusum Sinha, Ed.D.     238-7200 x1023

Assistant Superintendent for Business
John Chow     238-7200 x1006

Director of Special Education and Related Services
Heidi McCarthy, Ed.D.     238-7207 x1101

Director of Technology and Innovation
Josh Culwell-Block     238-7208 x1019

Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics
Jason P. Semo     238-7201 x2407

Director of Facilities, Operations & Maintenance
Joseph Gramando     238-7210 x1201

Special Education Administration - CPSE - CSE

Senior Office Assistant
Patricia Sullivan     238-7207 x1102

CPSE Chairperson and CSE Chairperson Grades K-7
Elizabeth Wright     238-7207 x1104
Senior Office Assistant
Cathy Bevilacqua     238-7207 x 1109
Office Assistant
Jeanne Sherry     238-7207 x1105

CSE Chairperson, Grades 8-12 & Student 18-21
Kristie Evers     238-7207 x1110
Senior Office Assistant
Sally Love     238-7207 x1103
Office Assistant
Lora Radovanovich     238-7207 x1107

CSE Subcommittee & 504 Chairperson, Roaring Brook
Erin Jaynes     238-7205 x6102

CSE Subcommittee & 504 Chairperson, Douglas Grafflin
Debbie Alspach     238-7204 x5102

CSE Subcommittee & 504 Chairpersons, Westorchard
Annemarie DeLucia-Piekarski     238-7206 x6516

504 Chairperson, Middle Schools
Lisa Bisceglia     238-7200 x4107

504 Chairpersons, High School
Sheila Silverman     238-7201 x2106
Kyle Hosier     238-7201 x2102
Lauralyn Stewart     238-7201 x2107

Homeless Liaison
Heidi McCarthy, Ed.D.     238-7207 x1101
Lisa Bisceglia     238-7200 x4107

District Offices

District Clerk/Secretary to the Superintendent
Liisa Elsner     238-7200 x1002

District Treasurer
Blanche Blair     238-7200 x1010

Purchasing Agent
Michael Trnik     238-7200 x1013

Accounts Payable
Christine Brundage     238-7200 x1009

Food Services Manager/Cafeteria
Deirdre McManus     238-7201 x2455

Mary Marchionno     238-7200 x1007

Building Usage and Fees
Margaret Kuhar     238-7210 x1202

Public Information Assistant
David Hayes     238-7200 x1026

School Buildings

Douglas G. Grafflin Elementary School
650 King St. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(p) 914-238-7204     (fx) 914-238-5285

Jamie Edelman     238-7205 x5101

Assistant Principal
Debbie Alspach     238-7205 x5102

Roaring Brook Elementary School
530 Quaker Rd. Chappaqua NY 10514
(p) 914-238-7505   (fx) 914-238-4716

Interim Principal
Alison Porcelli     238-7205 x6101

Assistant Principal
Erin Jaynes     238-7205 x6102

Westorchard Elementary School
25 Granite Rd. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(p) 914-238-7206     (fx) 914-238-6885

James Skoog    238-7206 x7101

Assistant Principal
Annemarie DeLucia-Piekarski     238-7206 x7102

Robert E. Bell Middle School
50 Senter St. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(p) 914-238-7202    (fx) 914-238-2085

Martin Fitzgerald, Ed.D.    238-7202 x3101

Assistant Principal
Timothy Doyle    238-7202 x3102

Seven Bridges Middle School
222 Seven Bridges Rd. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(ph) 914-238-7203    (fx) 914-666-7306

Andrew Corsilia    238-7203 x4101

Assistant Principal
Gregory Stiefel    238-7203 x4102

Horace Greeley High School
70 Roaring Brook Rd. Chappaqua, NY 10514
(ph) 914-238-7201    (fx) 914-861-4291

Robert Rhodes    238-7201 x2101

Assistant Principal
Laura Dubak    238-7201 x2106

Assistant Principal
Kyle Hosier    238-7201 x2102

Assistant Principal
Lauralyn Stewart    238-7201 x2107

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