Policy 7003: District Buildings and Grounds

The District's buildings and grounds exist for the purpose of educating students. The Board of Education recognizes that community members may use school properties both individually and as participants in organized group activities. In order to maintain the best possible physical condition of its properties and to ensure the public safety, the Board establishes these rules upon the use of District buildings and grounds.

Buildings and Grounds

Dogs and other household pets are not allowed on District property unless inside a motor vehicle, or for purposes approved by the District.


The Director of School Facilities, Operations and Maintenance has the authority to close or limit use of district fields due to weather-related conditions, maintenance requirements, or as otherwise deemed necessary. No use of fields is allowed when closures are announced, when signs are posted, or when fields are fenced off or covered. Playing golf is prohibited at all times.


  • Policy 7035 Student Recreation Areas

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Adopted by the Board of Education: February 9, 2010