Regulation 5090: Residence Changes Within School Boundaries

Attendance at Elementary/Middle Schools When Students Move Within the District, but Across School Boundaries

  1. Any parent/guardian moving from one attendance zone to another must submit a written request to have his/her child remain in the current elementary/middle school. The request must include the student's name, grade level, and rationale for having the student stay in their current school rather than transfer to the new school. Requests are submitted to the building principal for consideration.
  2. If the transfer is during the school year, the Board policy governing this matter for parents moving out of district applies, with the exception that tuition would not be required (Policy #5090).
  3. In the elementary schools, a third grade student, upon completion of third grade, may apply by written request, to continue attendance at his/her current school. If a request is submitted prior to the beginning of the school year, consideration will only be given to students who will be entering fourth grade that fall. The rule is applied likewise to seventh grade middle school students. All other students must attend the school located in their new zone of residence.
  4. If the principal feels that honoring a request to have a student stay in their current school of attendance will present problems for either the district or the student, such a request may be denied on educational and/or financial considerations.
  5. If a request is denied by the building principal, it may be appealed to the school superintendent whose decision will be final.
  6. In all instances, transportation of students who are allowed to attend their former elementary/middle school will not be the responsibility of the Chappaqua School District.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: February 28, 1996


  • October 27, 1997
  • August 27, 2003
  • November 12, 2015