School districts across New York State are subject to many laws and regulations (commonly referred to as “mandates”) issued by the Governor and State Legislature, New York State Education Department, and U.S. Department of Education. A significant number of such mandates are formulated without input, feedback or cost-benefit analysis from local school districts, and often result in unintended negative educational and fiscal consequences. Our elected representatives are better informed about local concerns and their magnitude and are most likely to respond when they hear directly from individual constituents. We encourage you to contact them.

We are providing sample letters below related to an issue we believe to be of immediate concern to our school district and likely to gain traction with our State government at this time.

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** Please take IMMEDIATE action **
. . .and advocate on behalf of the 4,000+ children of the Chappaqua Central School District

You are encouraged to customize any sample letters below to your liking, or you may use them as written if you prefer. Please consider providing your mailing address in the closing so they see that you are a constituent!

LETTERS & ACTION ITEMS will be posted here as the school year progresses

4 convenient ways to TAKE ACTION:

  1. Copy the letter and paste it into an email to all of CCSD’s State representatives in Albany.
  2. Go to the Voter Voice page of the Westchester Putnam School Boards Association website. You will find a similar, customizable letter that you can easily send to our State representatives to appropriately fund NYS public school districts.
  3. Call any or all of the phone numbers listed below and let your voice be heard.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
NYS Senator Peter Harckham
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 812
Albany, NY 12247
NYS Assemblyman David Buchwald
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 331
Albany, NY 12248
NYS Senator Shelley Mayer
Chair, Education Committee
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 615
Albany, NY 12247
NYS Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
Chair, Education Committee
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 842
Albany, NY 12248
NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Majority Leader, New York State Senate
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 907
Albany, NY 12247
NYS Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie
Speaker, New York State Assembly
Legislative Office Building, Rm. 932
Albany, NY 12248
Dr. Betty A. Rosa
Interim Commissioner
NYS Education Department
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Please keep in mind that this page is a work-in-progress and will be updated as we continue to monitor ongoing legislative issues affecting school districts.

We thank the Chappaqua PTA and its Advocacy Committee for joining us in our advocacy efforts.

Please click to "Like" the Chappaqua PTA's Advocacy Page on Facebook. This page is intended to inform community members about the ever-changing issues impacting public education in NY State and the Chappaqua Central School District.